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What is genuine Italian Pizza?

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Pizza with basil leaves, tomato sauce

It is an art to make genuine Italian pizza, and what makes them unique is that they do not use artificial flavorings. This is why they feel good and refreshed. You won't need to mix the sauce with the toppings when cooking a genuine Italian pizza, just add them all together and then layer on a crust. You can also get imported Italian pizzas nowadays in mail order. The Italian flag's colors—green basil, red tomato sauce, and white mozzarella—were combined on genuine Italian pizza

Of course, not all pizzas are created equally, but the true authentic Italian pizza contains a number of key components, including:

- Mozzarella cheese

- Baking powder

- Flour

- Tomato Sauce

- Green Pepper

- Chili Flakes

- Yeast

- Water

However, for a true Italian pizza, you will need to add classic Italian ingredients such as:

- Anchovies

- Italian Sausage

- Black Olives

- Provolone

- Prosciutto San Daniele

- Fresh Basil leaves for toppings

- Salami

- Artichokes

What makes a pizza unique and authentic?

  1. Dough

You must follow every step of the best recipe exactly if you want to create an absolutely authentic Italian pizza dough. Since it's simple to use this flour to create a thin pizza base, professionals use the best 00 flour to make the pizza dough. Authentic Italian pizzas have a thin base and a crispy crust. The ingredients for this true Neapolitan pizza Italy are flour, water, salt, and yeast; a genuine Italian pizza recipe won't contain any of these other ingredients.

  1. Sauce 

A key component of every pizza recipe is pizza sauce. However, a real Italian-style pizza contains tomato sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes, unlike other types of pizza. The other toppings remain chilled and fresh on top of the pizza crust since the sauce is prepared separately rather than with them. Some types of Italian pizza, known as Bianca, are served without sauce and drizzled with olive oil. Genuine Italian pizzas, regardless of the recipe, always require these tomatoes to prepare the pizza sauce because they are a necessary component of any Italian kitchen.

Pizza sauce is an essential ingredient in any pizza recipe. Contrary to other varieties of pizza, a true Italian-style pizza has tomato sauce produced from San Marzano tomatoes. Since the sauce is made separately rather than alongside the other toppings, they stay refrigerated and fresh when placed on top of the pizza crust. Italian pizzas referred to as "Bianca" are occasionally served without sauce and sprinkled with olive oil.

Italy street

Tips for making genuine Italian pizza

  1. Choose fresh yeast

Fill the pizza dough with the appropriate amount of yeast. If you could purchase fresh yeast for your authentic Italian pizza, it would be a better option. 

  1. Use ice-cold water

Experts recommend warm water in many dough-making recipes for a variety of reasons. Warm water won't do the trick while baking a Neapolitan pizza Italy, though. To make your pizza get that unmatched crisp, use cold water only.

  1. Utilize 00 Flour

Since 00 flour is the most refined kind of flour, many experts advise using it instead of regular flour. Long-term proofing and cooking at high temperatures can be tolerated.

What Authentic Italian Pizza Toppings Are There?

There are many authentic pizza toppings that are available in Italy and represent the country itself. Here is a list of different kinds of authentic Italian pizza toppings:

  1. Margherita pizza toppings 

A few basil leaves, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese make up the basic toppings, which highlight the green, white, and red hues of the Italian flag.

  1. Neapolitan pizza toppings

It serves pizza made with tomatoes from the plains of Mount Vesuvius and buffalo cheese from the region's water buffalo.

  1. Roma pizza toppings 

These toppings are typically seen on Romana pizza from Rome, which is crispier than a pizza made in the Neapolitan tradition and has a small cornice. Anchovies, tomato sauce, and mozzarella will be added as toppings to the pizza Romana.

  1. Capricciosa toppings

Mozzarella, olives, tomato sauce, artichokes, and mushrooms are some of the pizza toppings. The Quattro Stagioni (Four Seasons)'s elements are also present in this dish. Stagioni, aside from Quattro, can be divided into four sections to represent the four seasons.

  1. Siciliana toppings 

The olives, tomato sauce, anchovies, mozzarella, and capers are some of the Sicilian pizza toppings.

  1. Toppings with prosciutto e funghi 

These toppings include Prosciutto (dried Italian ham), mozzarella, tomato sauce, and mushrooms.

  1. Quattro Formaggi Toppers

Fontina, Mozzarella, Parmigiano, and Gorgonzola are four examples of these. However, some people will use hard, soft, blue, and non-Italian cheeses, as well as Italian and non-Italian varieties.


Genuine Italian pizza is an embodiment of flavor and comfort. The country has intrinsic roots and an amazing history that dates back years. Authentic pizza has traveled places and becomes a universal showstopper because of its flavor, variety, and delicious toppings. Pizza Bien provides the best Italian pizzas that are sure to make your mouth water. Amazing ingredients come straight from Naples so you get the traditional Italian dining experience. So, what are you waiting for, click here to order today!!!


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