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Can you make pizza without tomato sauce?

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Tomato sauce, tomato paste, and tomato puree are all used to make different condiments in the pizza. But what to do if you are not a fan of tomatoes at all? Does the pizza require tomato sauce? What can I use instead of tomato sauce on pizza? Can I make a pizza without tomato sauce though? So many questions and no answers yet, huh? Don’t worry, we got you. Keep reading this blog article and everything you need to know about not wanting the infamous tomato on the pizza will be provided to you. 

There aren't many foods that are as universally adored as pizza when it comes to comfort food that everyone just enjoys. Pizza is loved by a large number of people all over the world, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to have many distinct varieties of pizza. You might actually be surprised that there are indeed so many different ways to make pizza that even if you ate pizza every day you might as well not be bored.

The sauce of the pizza remains one such distinctive feature that people most of the time tend to overlook. And it’s also almost rare that people want to switch tomato sauce for something else. The other deviation from this is the use of white sauce on pizza sometimes that people enjoy. If the pizza is focused as a dessert variant, then there is chocolate and a sauce. These are the only variations people tend to go for. 

What people usually don’t understand is that there are many more variations for you if you aren’t a fan of tomato sauce. So the simple answer to the question, can you make pizza without tomato sauce is, yes. Absolutely you can. There are many alternatives and some of them are even budget friendly.

So why make a pizza without tomato sauce though? What are the reasons to do so?

There are many reasons one can decide against opting for tomato sauce on their pizza. The number one reason is allergic reaction and sensitivity. Some people are sensitive to the Solanaceae plant family which includes tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes. Hence, they would want a pizza without tomato sauce.

The next big reason is simply the need for something new. Curiosity gets the best of us and we all need a change once in a while. Almost all the pizzas naturally go for tomato sauce and some people want that to change and want to try different sauces instead. Last but not least, some people just don’t enjoy sauce on their pizza. Even if you are someone who doesn’t like tomato sauce or any sauce at all on their pizza, you have a multitude of options available.

What can I use instead of tomato sauce on pizza?

If you are in the mood for trying something other than tomato sauce, we have got great alternatives for you. It's often noted that the most common alternative to tomato sauce is the white sauce or bechamel. It’s so common and popular that many pizza outlets provide you with this option. Making them is also relatively easy but could be not much of an option for lactose intolerant folks.

Don’t worry people, we have a multitude of options available like herby pizza. Yes, the green one. Pesto pizza is another very common and popular pizza sauce. If you are making your own pizza at home, make sure you make some pesto. This way it could cater to your needs, otherwise, you can grab a jar from the nearest grocery store. Just like the tomato sauce, you just spread the pesto sauce onto the crust and put it on toppings for baking.

Another pizza without tomato sauce option is using hummus as the spread. This is a very popular variant among fitness geeks. It is nutritious and is an excellent combination of olives, cheese, and other veggies. If savory is the taste you are after, you can even try the say miso flavor. It’s a concoction of white miso and soy sauce. Just a sprinkle of some brown sugar in it could make a great consistency overall. This serves as a great base for toppings like the infamous pineapple.

So the answer to the question, can you make pizza without tomato sauce is a simple yes. There are amazing alternatives available for you to get creative with. Enjoy different sauces and toppings as pizza is a versatile delicacy.

Does a pizza require tomato sauce?

Many people believe that a sauce is necessary for the making of a great pizza. Most people now think that the sauce in question must be tomato sauce or another widely used type of pizza sauce. This is not the case, though. Your pizza can be whatever you want it to be, not in the mood for some traditional tomato sauce on pizzas, no problem. There is no need to add sauce to your pizza whatsoever.

In fact, some of the tastiest and most unique pizzas, like the infamous tandoori chicken pizzas, came out of no sauce base. Some individuals add their pizzas with sauce to assist them to get the desired flavor profile. If you are into it, go ahead. Otherwise, you don’t have to. The only thing to remember is that there might be some toppings that might not well be adhering to the pizza crust if no sauce is involved. Because of this, some people will top their pizza with the most basic cheese to provide a base for the toppings to adhere to. Following these steps, you and your family can very much enjoy a sauceless pizza for sure.


The use of tomato sauce in pizzas has been a custom since the time pizzas are made. Modern times ask for modern changes. If you aren’t a fan of tomatoes and do not like the taste, you need not use them at all. With multiple options like bechamel, hummus, soy sauce, and plain old cheese you can very much bake pizza without tomato sauce

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