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How to make a crispy pizza dough recipe?

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Is there anything in this world as perfect as a pizza? Absolutely not, at least that’s our opinion. Perfect pizza definitely has multiple derivatives, but what stands out the most for sure is the dough. Just like all of us are different, the type of dough we love is also different. Chewy, flaky, thick, thin there are so many preferences. But we can all agree that we do put emphasis on the dough. 

In this blog article, let’s take a closer look at how to make a crispy pizza dough recipe and what you can do in order to achieve it. It is no surprise that flour has the greatest influence on the consistency of the pizza dough. It is, after all, the main component of the pizza. Having said that, the sort of flour you use is not just the quantity but the quality that counts the most. 

There are many different types of flour that are used to make pizza. The three major types of flour that are frequently used in pizza dough recipes are all-purpose flour, 00 flour, and bread flour. The presence of gluten in these flours and their quantity is what makes them distinctive. All-purpose flour has the least amount of gluten, followed by 00 flour and bread flour. 

For those of us who enjoy a chewy crust, bread flour is the natural choice because it has a higher gluten level, which results in a doughier crust. For all our crispy crust lovers, it’s not the same. This is due to the fact that all-purpose flour crust has a tendency to flake and is overall less elastic, making it more challenging to knead. In summary, all-purpose flour will provide a crispier crust but will be more difficult to prepare. 

So, what are some tips for a crispy pizza dough recipe then?

  1. Using the right ingredients

This often feels like an obvious answer, but choosing the right ingredients is the way to go. The exact measurement of ingredients as mentioned in the recipe has to be taken. Oftentimes we just freely use a number of different ingredients and mess up the end product. So, when you are making crispy pizza dough, make sure to strictly follow the recipe to the T.

The key is to always read the recipe chart beforehand, so you can prepare accordingly. Being prepared with everything you need at the right moment saves a lot of time and also makes cooking less tedious. Also, while picking up a recipe, make sure to choose the one that mentions crispy pizza dough and not the wrong one. Getting a food scale is another great way to keep track of the amount of ingredients to be used in the recipe. 

  1. Kneading

The quality and texture of your dough are greatly influenced by the kneading process. If the dough is not sufficiently kneaded, it will crumble and not rise, and if it is too kneaded, it will become chewy and stretchy. Either way, it’s no good. So as a general guideline, you want to stop kneading as soon as you obtain a smooth, soft texture, so follow the directions in the recipe properly.

  1. Using the right equipment

While there is no rule that specialized equipment is needed to make crispy pizza, having a few of them would be very helpful. The first one on the list is a hot oven. If this is not an option for you, think about utilizing a covered grill that could be able to achieve higher temperatures. Ideally, your kitchen's oven will function. To check the temperature of your oven, use an oven thermometer.

The next one to make a crispy pizza dough recipe is a pizza stone. These objects are the best at simulating a pizza oven because they can distribute heat evenly after becoming extremely hot. This helps make the crust of the pizza crispy to your liking. Pizza stones are made of ceramic that is unfinished, and that causes them to become extremely heated up as well as absorb as much moisture once the pizza cooks. This greatly reduces the likelihood of the pizza crust becoming soggy. Before placing the pizza on the stone, fully heat it for the trademark crispier pizza. For an easy and nonchaotic transfer of pizza, you can use a pizza peel.

  1. Use olive oil

Most of the time, the recipes don’t ask for olive oil as such. But it’s a general tip that just a simple drizzle or brush of olive oil can help get the edges of the crust to become much crispier. You can use other oils but olive oil is preferred as they have a very less burn temperature keeping the crust golden brown without any burn.


These are some of the suggestions if you want a crispier crust. Easy and obvious techniques for making crispy pizza dough recipes work more. Rolling out the dough to be thinner could be a great takeaway. Make sure to not overdo it otherwise you risk the chance of the crust getting burnt faster. You'll have to ball the dough up and try again if it tears while rolling it. This might not seem like a big deal, but you need to understand that with more kneading like this, you end up making the dough much chewier. Hence, when laying out the dough, always be extra cautious. Using a rolling pin can actually help you curb this potential issue.

So, with the blog article, we hope you understood how to make crispy pizza dough recipes in an easy and convenient manner. With Pizza Bien, you get to enjoy a wide array of pizzas. Multiple doughs, different crusts, sauces, ingredients, and seasonings all shipped right from Naples, Italy. Place your order today and enjoy this amazing array of pizzas from Italy.             Click Here to Buy Now!


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