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What kind of Pizza do New Yorkers eat?

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What kind of Pizza do New Yorkers eat?

Do you know the most sought-after pizza in the United States? If you were to ask any American about the best pizza they had and what they prefer, chances are more often than not, you are going to hear "York-style pizza”. The question to ponder here is why? What is so special about New York-style pizza? The fame of this pizza is at the top of the pinnacle that even mail-order New York pizza is available.  If statistics are any reason to believe, we found that 500,000 pizzas are consumed in New York daily. So many local pizzerias in the region use more than 50 boxes a single day from the most popular pizza establishments. Since New York-Style pizza is a staple in American households, shall we dig deeper and figure out why there is a huge fan base for this pizza? 

So, what is New York-Style Pizza?

New York-style pizza quintessentially features a very thin but large crust. These are sold as wide slices and you can fold them for easy consumption. When it comes down to the toppings, you get to choose from basically anything under the sun. Usually, people choose the classic Pizza NY Margherita. Just a simple tomato paste and mozzarella cheese all loaded up. Do you know that this inspiration for NY pizza came from the Neapolitan styles that are famous in Italy since the 18th century? That’s right. Neapolitan pizza in NYC is the most sought-after style in the US, and England, and its roots go back to Italy. So, in New York, you can get just a single pie to relish or the entire pizza for a wholesome experience. With newer options to get NY pizza shipped, you get to enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizza in NYC from anywhere in the world. You can always have a lookout for pizzerias that are flavorful, and authentic and follow traditional preparation styles like coal-fired ovens and enjoy the entire experience.

What makes New York pizza so special then?

  1. The chewiness in the dough

With their thin crust pizzas, New York Pizza boasts a crisp and very toasty consistency that is widely loved. It was noted that the famous pizzerias in the region make sure to knead the dough less so that it stays chewy and filled with air pockets while baking. This leads to the infamous crispy yet chewy texture of the pizza NY Margherita and other types. 

  1. Traditional touch to the pizza recipe

Who doesn’t want a traditional pizza to relish? A family recipe passed down the line through centuries coming down to your pizza, is an experience one would vote for. It might be costlier than your street vendors but authentic and timeless experience for sure. 

  1. Convenient to eat

The flexibility that the New York pizza provides is surely a welcoming factor. You can grab a slice of this pizza, fold it in, and eat while you commute, walk, or just ride in a taxi. No hassle at all. With mail-order New York pizza, the variety and options have just increased manifold. 

  1. Condiments in the pizza

New York-style pizza is known for its unique take on condiments. Made with heavily seasoned tomato sauce, basil, red pepper flakes, and oregano, NY pizzas are very different from the traditional Neapolitan Pizza NYC. With lesser mozzarella and the use of canned tomatoes, NY pizza provides what you are looking for. Your unique take on condiments and toppings is all entertaining and you get to eat something that you created. 

Italy Monument

Let us help you find the best pizzerias for Pizza NY Margherita

  1. Lombardi’s

When in New York, go to Little Italy. Here you will find the original curators of the New York Style of pizza, Lombardi’s. With a coal oven, you get freshly baked whole milk mozzarella, tomato, and basil topped pizza. You can also enjoy other items from the menu like Grandma Grace’s meatballs which are a crowd favorite. If pizza is not your jam, how about a Calzone then? You get the same flavors all baked into a calzone to go. 

  1. Totonno’s

Yet another authentic pizzeria in Little Italy. With amazing and chewy homemade dough made in a coal oven, this pizzeria is recommended by many famous food shows and critics.  Wanting authentic flavors in pizza, this is the place to be. 

  1. Joe’s Pizza

Another people's favorite pizzeria where you can get a plain slice of original New York Pizza. The sauce and cheese are added in perfect amounts with thin slices that you can fold over. Crispy, chewy dough with a dazzle of fresh mozzarella, this is the place to be for your luxurious pizza experience. Located in West Village, this place is very sought after among New Yorkers. 

  1. John’s of Bleecker Street

If you want to time travel and get into another time zone, this is the place to be. With old wooden booths, art deco floors, and tin ceilings this pizzeria is sure one of a kind. Coal-fired brick pizzas that are authentic to New York-style pizza are here too. Amazingly varied toppings, chewy dough, and the holistic vibe of the place are sure to be experienced.  


Even while the world may be changing, New York-style pizza still delivers excellent slices or entire pies, just as it did almost a century ago. There is more to eating food at one of the top pizzerias in the city. The whole family can enjoy it. It is an experience. It is not just about the pizza, the ambiance, and the feeling of it. Several of the pizzerias provide slices. While others allow an entire pizza. There are even cases when NY pizza shipped across. Hot pizza, the aroma of boiling sauce, and the chit chat and laughing of happy eaters make this an amazing dining experience.

New York Style pizza is one of the most expensive options in the country. The average price of a pie in the city is $16, which is twice what people in the Midwest pay for theirs but the taste, aroma, and multiple toppings of the NY-style pizza, it’s worth the money. There are huge differences between American and Italian pizza, but the experience is wholesome in both. 

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