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Real Italian Pizza Vs American Pizza: What Are The Differences?

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Real Italian Pizza Vs American Pizza - What Are The Differences - Pizza Bien

Pizza is an Italian dish that originated in Naples, Italy. There are many variations of the dish. However, there are two main types: American pizza and Italian pizza. 

The difference between American and Italian pizza is mainly in the dough's thickness and shapes, with American pizza being thicker and rectangular. In contrast, Italian pizza dough is very thin and circular with a raised crust.

The traditional Italian style of pizza uses only one type of topping, whereas the American version includes several types. It also has more cheese than the typical Italian pie. In addition, the American version tends to be drier and more greasy, while the original Italian pizza is chewy.

However, many other factors differ between authentic Italian pizza and American pizza. Hence, without any further ado, let's know all about it!

Americanized Italian Food

The food of the Italian immigrants in the United States became heavily influenced by American culture. Before World War II, southern Italian cuisine was the norm in the United States, so this cuisine was robust in cooking. 

However, the Americanized version of Italian cuisine started to take on distinct flavors. For instance, it is common for a sandwich to include soppressata, almond paste, or jam on the inside.

The 1950s were when Italian food in the United States became popular. Deliciosas began to offer their customers salami, pepperoni, mozzarella, and provolone. A popular dessert was spumoni, a type of ice-cream cake. 

In the 1970s, several regional dishes made their way into the American diet, such as Eggplant Parmigiana. This trend continued into the 1980s.

Despite its similarities and differences from Italian cuisine, authentic Italian food is different from Americanized versions. Although the American kitchen has been adapted and modified, its original quality is still unmatched. 

Authentic Italian food is prepared with fresh ingredients and is simple to prepare. It usually contains pasta, tomatoes, cheese, meat, and a generous amount of oil. It is generally more expensive, but its ingredients are of high quality. 

Therefore, finding authentic Napoli pizza can be a challenging task. Hence, order from Pizza Bien for the best authentic Neapolitan pizza in town. 

Pizza in Italy Vs Pizza in America


The first difference between pizza in Italy and American pizza is how the sauce is made. The sauce in Italian pizzas is made with fresh ingredients and garlic. In contrast, American pizza sauce is made with canned tomatoes and must be made from fresh ingredients.

While Americans have a variety of toppings, traditional Italian pizzas do not have as many types of meat. The meat used to be sliced into thin slices.

The American version uses tomato sauce that has been slow-cooked, while Italian pizzas use pureed fresh tomatoes. Moreover, the sauce is thicker and contains more flavor than the American version. 

Many New York pizza chains add various meats, while many Italian restaurants don't. As a result, both types are an excellent choice for a fast meal or a romantic night out. 

The sauces in Italian pizza are much different from those used in the United States. The sauce in Italy is made with pureed tomatoes and garlic and is much lighter than its American counterpart. 

There are also fewer topping varieties, and the sauce is less spicy than in America. There are also fewer types of meat on traditional Italian pizzas. You can find any kind of meat on your American pizza, but it is not made with anchovies.


The Italians are more careful about the dough. They take a lot of time to prepare it for 72 hours. This helps the flour to leaven. They are also more cautious about the quality of their ingredients. 

Italian Napoli pizza crust is made with a particular type of 00 flour, which helps form the thin crust. However, you can use any type of flour with American pizzas as the crust can be many types. To know more about Margherita pizza vs cheese pizza, click here.


When you order a pizza in an Italian restaurant, it's probably going to be filled with an array of different types of cheese. When you order it at home, you may be tempted to order a meat lover's special. 

However, American pizzerias are more likely to offer a variety of toppings, including a meat lover's pizza. This is because Americans enjoy mixing and matching different cheese and toppings. In the US, you'll find more cheese on your pie than you would find on an Italian pie.

American pizza is more heavily loaded with toppings, as almost everything is an option. You'll find green or black olives, anchovies, beef, chicken, pineapple, and even cherry tomatoes. 

You won't find tomato sauce or cheese on the crust in Italy - only fresh ingredients. It's also a much simpler meal than its American cousin. In America, you'll find fewer toppings and a lot more meat and vegetables.


Another significant difference is in the cheese spread. In Italy, the toppings are fresh and never stuffed with cheese. The tomato sauce in American pizza is typically thick and loaded with cheese. 

While some American pizzas use different toppings, most are different from the Italian variety. Both pizzas are tasty, but the Italian variety is more delicious. The Italian version has a more fresh and flavorful sauce than the American version.

Italians have a distinctive mozzarella di Bufala cheese, a mozzarella cheese created from buffalo's milk. They use this cheese as scoops of fresh cheese instead of grating them, which provides a fresh taste to the entire pizza. 


The American version is also lighter in texture. It is made using less cheese and is often eaten on the run. It is not as filling as an authentic Italian pizza with a thicker crust and cheese. 

This type of pizza is more filling and tastes better than the average American version. It is best to eat a slice of real, authentic Italian pizza for a full-bodied flavor and texture.

In general, pizza in Italy is lighter than in the United States. Its crusts are a lot thinner than in the US. The average pizza has a thicker crust and is often made by hand in a brick-and-mortar shop in the US. In Italy, the main ingredient is tomato and mozzarella cheese. It is typically eaten for dinner and is considered a meal in its own right.

Eating Style

The Italian version is much more intense and savory in terms of flavor. Because the pizzas are now inexpensive, people tend to eat one for dinner, sometimes even more. But if you go to an Italian restaurant, you'll find that the pizza is much more enjoyable than the American version.

American pizza is more commercialized than Italian pizza. Many large food chains have taken over traditional pizzerias and have transformed the culture of eating in the country. This has led to a broader appeal for both American and Italian pizza. 

For this reason, pizza is increasingly becoming a staple food in the United States, and it has become more affordable than it ever has been before. If you want to experience the difference between the two, it is essential to try both!

If you want to know all the popular pizza variations, click here.

Authentic Napoli Pizza 

Authentic Napoli Pizza - real italian pizza vs american pizza - Pizza Bien

In Italy, there are three main styles of pizza. The first is called the Margherita. The classic Margherita pizza is thin-crust pizza made with Naples-style pizza dough in a wooden oven. The most common variety of this type of pizza features fresh ingredients. The most popular pizza in this style is Napoletana, a marinara pizza with anchovies. And finally, there's the tradition.

If you want to order authentic Napoli pizza from the comfort of your own home, make sure you order from Pizza Bien.

The other two Italian pizza styles are la pizza Romana and la pizza Napoletana. This version is the original and is protected by the Traditional Specialty Guaranteed certification. In addition to Napoletana, there are several other types of pizzas. For example, the Romana style is the more popular of the two. Its name is a style of thin-crust pizza. The other is the traditional one.

The thin-crust pizza is a traditional Italian pizza. Its diameter is about 10 inches and is made in a wood-burning oven. Its ingredients are fresher, less savory, and a whole lot different than American pizza styles. 

The classic Margherita is the most popular of these two. The most popular Napoletana style has a tangy sauce and a thin crust. At the same time, the traditional style has a spicier crust than the other styles. If you want to know what's special about authentic Napoli pizza in detail, click here.


Therefore, we hope our article has helped you find the differences between American and Neapolitan Italian pizza. Till the next time, happy feasting and stay with Pizza Bien!

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