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What is the difference between Chicago pizza and regular pizza?

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Chicago pizza

Have you ever seen a very deep-dish crust on a pizza? The one which is overloaded with tomato sauce and still has room for more condiments? That’s a Chicago pizza right there. Pizza has always been a people’s favorite meal. With so many different styles like the New York pizza and Neapolitan pizza in Chicago you have an array to choose from. There is always this debate on which is a better pizza. The Chicago pizza or our regular pizza. In this article, let’s delve deep and understand all the differences between these both so you can choose your next pizza wisely. 

When you compare Chicago pizza with New York pizza, the difference comes down to how you eat them. Just like how you can fold a New York-style pizza and eat it while commuting, Chicago pizza asks you to slow down and use a fork and knife to enjoy it. With the best-frozen pizza from Chicago, mail-order pizza Chicago, Chicago pizza is quite a rave at present. Which pizza is the best is a debate you will never win. So, let’s just agree that a good pizza is just delicious and dive deep to understand the specialty of Chicago pizza. 

What is a Chicago-style Pizza?

With many varied varieties of pizza in Chicago, deep-dish pizza is the most famous one. Made by a Pizzeria in 1943, it instantly caught people’s attention and love. The classic Neapolitan pizza Chicago is the Chicago rendition of the pizza with high edges to add in more toppings and layers. With much more experimentation, another variety that hit the streets of Chicago is the stuffed pizza. An even deeper pizza that is termed the World’s thickest pizza with all its extra toppings. Another variation that is famous is the tavern-style pizza in Chicago. Thin crust but has firm edges and doesn’t fold like the Classic New York-style pizza. 

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Now that we understand what Chicago pizza is, let us figure out all the differences between a Chicago pizza and a regular pizza. Shall we?

  1. Chicago deep dish is a Pan Pizza

Chicago deep dish is a Pan dish variety. This means that once the dough is kneaded. It’s stretched inside a skillet or cake pan. While you are stretching you also stretch it along the walls as high as you like. The result achieved is the dish-shaped dough. You can then add in as many toppings as you like. There is also a coating of oil in the pan before the dough is placed. This oil burns and then gives that distinct color so infamous about the Chicago-style pizza.  

When it comes to regular pizza, it is hand-tossed mostly. This means that it is stretched in the air while kneading the dough. It’s stretched in so it gets wider and much thinner when compared. Moreover, Chicago pizza is baked on a pan and regular ones are usually baked on a pizza stone. 

  1. Chicago pizza is smaller and thicker.

When you compare the sizes of Chicago-style pizza with regular ones, you will notice that Chicago pizza is hardly 12 inches in diameter. But the thickness is just much more than the regular pizzas. The regular pizzas can actually come in varied sizes depending on what you order. Did you know, you can now mail-order pizza from Chicago? Isn’t that so fun?

  1. Chicago pizza takes more time to cook.

It’s a no-brainer really that Chicago pizza takes longer time to cook than a regular pizza. Chicago deep dish needs baking before adding in the toppings and then another bake after the toppings is all added. Regular pizza is for you especially when you are in a time crunch. You can consume regular pizza in under 15 minutes. Just add some tomato sauce, cheese, and some of your favorite toppings into the dough and then bake it for 15 minutes and voila, you got yourself a yummy pizza. 

  1. Chicago pizza is layered in inversion.

This might come to you as a surprise. But with Chicago pizza, as the dough takes more time to cook, the layering is different. Initially, mozzarella cheese is added to the top of the dough. The cheese acts as a barrier and prevents any burning of the topping. After the cheese, there is the addition of the toppings and then a can of thick tomato sauce. The sauce protects the toppings from any burning or charring. Regular pizza follows the routine of adding dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings on top. You can now get mail-order pizza from Chicago anywhere.

  1. Chicago Pizza’s presentation level

The regular pizza has distinctive triangular pieces, but Chicagoans defy any tradition at all. Pizza made in the tavern style is divided into tiny square (or rectangular) slices by the Chicagoans. For the Chicago deep dish, when you order takeaway, it is unsliced. In this manner, it can better hold the toppings and sauce. If you enjoy Neapolitan pizza in Chicago, you can now mail-order pizza in Chicago.

  1. Chicago Pizza is greasier.

Since the cheese is positioned in the Chicago-style dough, a substantial amount of it bakes into the crust. Therefore, despite the fact that the Chicago deep dish carries a lot of cheese, your pizza won't be covered in greasy cheese. But too much tomato sauce can ruin a Chicago deep dish.

  1. Chicago Pizza is a meal and not a snack.

Chicago deep dish pizza has a dish-shaped crust with a tonne of toppings and sauce, making it a meal in and of itself. Even eating this pizza while multitasking is impossible. A table, a knife, and a fork are needed for eating the Chicago-style thick-crust pizza. When you are unable to afford to sit down and eat, you can fold the slice and consume it while using the other hand to do a task. It’s also interesting to note that you can have a regular pizza in a single sitting, but the Chicago deep pizza is a heavy meal that takes its own sweet time to finish. You can also get the best frozen pizza in Chicago to try.


The main difference between a Chicago pizza and regular pizza is in the arrangement of the ingredients. The placement of cheese and sauce precisely. So, if you want to have a heavy meal sumptuous with cheese, and sauce, then Chicago pizza is your best bet. It’s very filling and every bite is flavorful. Regular pizza is your best friend if you are in a time crunch and craving a bite of it. So, which one is the best among them you ask? We leave this to you. Let your mood and emotion be your best guide here.  

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