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4 Differences Between Neapolitan Pizza vs Sicilian Pizza

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Differences Between Neapolitan Pizza vs Sicilian Pizza - Pizza Bien

If you keep the best Neapolitan and Sicilian Pizza adjacent, the crust is the first noticeable difference between Neapolitan and Sicilian pizza.

The pillowy, chewy crust of the authentic Neapolitan pizza makes it different from its thick-crusted Sicilian counterparts.

And, of course, authentic Sicilian pizza (sfincione) is rectangular and comes with a spongy base topped with meatless tomato sauce.

Anyway, I can go on and on about these two magical Italian pies and their differences. So before I make you overwhelmed with their greatnesses, let’s see the difference between Sicilian pizza and Neapolitan pizza.

Neapolitan pizza vs. Sicilian pizza- The REAL differences!

If you want to taste the taste of Neapolitan pizzeria on your dining table, there are a few alternatives to Pizza Bien. We have the widest range of authentic Neapolitan pizza handmade in Naples, Italy.

However, the freshness and flavor of any Sicilian pizza will equally mesmerize you like any Neapolitan pizza. These two Italian pies are distinguishable according to their making process, toppings, and ingredients.


Unlike many other dishes with a standard list of ingredients, pizzas are cooked with several different types. The reality that you're working in three stages - preparing dough at one temperature then adding toppings before finishing it off under high heat- makes all the difference to how your finished pie tastes!

The ingredients of these Pizzas may be similar, but the reality that you will prepare them at different temperatures and thicknesses of the crust makes all the difference.

If you are a big fan of porcini mushroom and truffle oil, this porcini, truffle pizza will delight your taste buds. 


The difference between a Neapolitan pizza and Sicilian pie is not just in name. The dough for the former needs top-notch flour, but you can make either style with regularity if that suits your taste better. However, it's important to note that even store-bought dough will need some quality ingredients such as yeast or salt - which should both be present at all times during preparation time!

Neapolitan pizzas use only Italian 00 Flour (or Tipo 00), while Sicilians call upon olive oil and lukewarm water. Boot before mixing correctly, so they have Stretchy Doughs like us locals do here on PizzBien.

Do you know the difference between bread and pizza dough? If not, then check this article.

Does Sicilian pizza have cheese?

The Sicilian is one of the most exciting pizza styles to try because it uses a unique sauce made from tomatoes and caciocavallo cheese. If you can’t find these ingredients, use any kind that suits your taste instead!

There are many varieties available in stores nowadays - just choose something based on preference for texture over flavor since this dish relies heavily upon its toppings rather than what goes inside.

Does Neapolitan pizza have cheese?

Mozzarella cheese is the only ingredient you’ll need for a delicious Neapolitan pizza. If not, any kind of mozz will do! There are many types in stores that vary depending on your preference and dietary needs.

Vegan options exist, too, so don't worry about being limited to just one type when cooking up those delicious creations with friends or family this weekend. PizzaBien offers some of the best Plant-Based Vegan Pepperoni pizzas for any vegan pellet.


Toppings play a vital role in generating flavor profiles. You will see some significant similarities in the pizza toppings while comparing Neapolitan pizza vs Sicilian pizza.


The sauce used on the Neapolitan Pizza can be homemade as you need to make it with fresh tomatoes (preferably San Marzano tomatoes) and premium quality mozzarella cheese. This type of pizza has everything about creating an excellent pie- every ingredient is top-notch, the downright choice for those who crave that authentic taste!

You can forget about San Marzano tomatoes because you can use any type of tomato to make delicious pizza sauce for Sicilian pizza. This pie consists primarily of thick, mozzarella-clogged tomatoes with anchovy or two for spice and other toppings, including mushrooms if desired. 

For those looking for something creamy but still cheesy flavor - try our Neapolitan stone-fired four cheese pizza for any occasion.

Sicilian Pizza Traditional Toppings

The toppings of this pizza are strong cheese, tomatoes, anchovies, and onions. It has olive oil too! You can also get pepperoni to make your meal even better - just ask them for it when ordering appetizers or otherwise modified pizzas with specific ingredients like these two choices at no additional cost!

Cooking Methods

While comparing Neapolitan vs Sicilian pizza, you will find some subtle but significant differences in cooking methods. Factors like baking oven types, heat, and wood type make the differences.

Pizza Oven

You must bake an authentic Neapolitan pizza in a wood-fired oven or commercial brick oven. Pizzaiolos use hardwood trees like oak and cherry to supply enough heat for baking pizzas at high temperatures while using lighter woods such as birch imparting.

Those are instantly recognizable flavors with their light smokiness often found on pies cooked over open fires where chefs can watch their doughs cook from start to finish face off directly below them.

Baking Sicilian pizza doesn't mean you need an expensive brick or stone-fired structure, though it will enhance flavor significantly! You only need between 400 - 550F to make them perfectly baked, which means any normal dishwasher-safe pan should work just fine too.

Sicilian Pizza Baking Suggestions

You can cook Sicilian pizzas in the range of 450-600 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it’s possible to make them with a home oven. The pizza marina is easy to identify with the topping and has garlic, extra virgin oil, tomato sauce, and oregano.

Due to their bread-like spongy texture and ease of cooking, you will find this type much easier than Neapolitan-style pizza when making it at home or on vacation abroad.

Sicilian Pizza Baking Suggestions - neapolitan vs sicilian pizza - Pizza Bien

A Sicilian Pizza has an irresistible flavor profile that will have your mouth watering for more after just one bite! The toppings should be salty but not so much, so it’s hard work balancing flavors while still being satisfied without too many extras.

Making a Neapolitan pizza is easy to squeeze in any of the three types. Although set rules must be strictly adhered to, you can still make this delicious treat with little effort if your goal was only an average slice or two!

Pizza Margherita

The pizza includes tomato sauce, fresh basil, and slices of mozzarella. The ingredients are topped off with a drizzle made from extra virgin oil!

Don’t forget to try our authentic Margherita pizza freshly baked from Naples, Italy.

Pizza Marina

The flavor of this pizza is not too strong and has just the right amount of garlic, extra virgin oil, and tomato sauce. The oregano on top gives it an aromatic finish that's hard to resist!

Pizza Margherita Extra

The delicious aroma of fresh pizza fills the air as you walk up to this beautiful marina. This particular pizzeria is easy for people who love garlic, extra virgin oil with tomato sauce, and oregano on top!

Types of Sicilian Pizza

The Sicilian pizza offers a perfect blend of potent flavors and comes well seasoned with herbs. Usually, this pizza is served square-shaped, but some places have it coming circularly to twist what has been considered "the classic" so far as we know now!

This makes them stand out from most other options available currently - something you'll want to try if your preferred dish consists mainly of entirely vegetarian toppings like peppers, mushrooms, etc.

Unique Sicilian / sfincione

When it comes to pizza, there is no better place than Sicily. This delicious pie has been made for centuries and takes its cues from the region’s iconic dishes- bread scraps topped with herbs & anchovies are but a few of them!

While some may prefer mozzarella primarily due to dairy production being an important industry here, too, caciocavallo typically makes appearances on menus across Italy where sheep outnumber people 10:1 (I’m not kidding).

New York-Style Sicilian

This American-style Sicilian pizza has a similar shape and thickness to the traditional varieties but utilizes mozzarella cheddar rather than tomato sauce or cheese.

How is Neapolitan pizza different?

Neapolitan pizza is a thing of beauty, and it's no surprise that this style originated in Italy. The doughy base crust takes on qualities from its highly refined wheat flour as it gets cooked at 700-1000° F for 60 - 90 seconds before being topped off with your favorite ingredients such as tomato sauce or mozzarella cheese.

What's the difference between Sicilian and New York pizza?

New York pizza has a thick, square base that is topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Sometimes you'll find the sauce on top of mozzarella instead of caciocavallo because Italian bakeries in NYC had access to cheap Mozzarelle near the century's end due to its dairy cow industry. The transition was at just the right time when New York State needed cows for milk production more than ever before!

What's the difference between Detroit and Sicilian pizza?

The most notable quality of Detroit-style pizza, when compared to Sicilian pizzas, is its cheese. A Detroit pie has an excess amount of gooey, string cheddar sauce spread over the top with crisp burnt edges from using a brick-hard type cheese in the cooking process. It also helps fry up those sides and bottom crusts for an extra layer of crispy goodness!

Neapolitan vs. Sicilian Pizza: Which is Best for You?

The difference between Neapolitan pizza vs Sicilian pizza is striking.

The former features a thin, crunchy crust that can accommodate plenty of sauce due to its sponginess; this style originates from Naples, Italy, where it's traditionally baked at high temperatures (forgive me as I indulge my inner food cart idol).

On the other hand, those preferring something more bread-like might like sipping on some wine while eating Sicily’s fluffier version - which has few toppings but an ample amount of herbs and seasonings used during preparation.

The flavor profiles differ drastically, too: whereas one will leave you wanting for nothing because all ingredients seem like they've been melted together in heaven once entering the stomach. 

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