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What is the difference between Pizza Mozzarella and regular Mozzarella?

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Fresh mozzarella, commonly referred to as pizza mozzarella, is not a very common food. It is a soft cheese ball that is perfect for pizzas. This mozzarella for pizza is an excellent option because we want our pizza to be a little bit dry and not soggy. Its moisture level is 50% or less, preventing an oil flood on the pizza. This small amount of water is essential for a cheesy pizza that retains the flavors of all the ingredients and toppings. The cheese can be distributed widely and is also easily stretched.

There are many differences between mozzarella pizza and regular pizza. Let’s delve deep and figure out the major differences.

  1. Texture

Although the mozzarella used for pizza is soft, the standard variety has more water in it. Because of this, even in thick slices, normal mozzarella melts more quickly. This one melted to reveal more than 50% of its water content. Mozzarella pizza contains less water. You need more fat and less moisture from the cheese for the crust to have a perfect consistency.

  1. Taste

Pizza mozzarella has a creamy and somewhat mild flavor. It feels and looks more recent. A typical one might have a mildly salty flavor.

  1. Aroma

Regular mozzarella has a stronger fragrance than fresh mozzarella. The scent nearly has a milky taste to it. But because of their contrasting aromas, each gives the pizza a unique flavor.

How is Mozzarella Used in Pizza?

Use any cheese you like on pizzas in the same way. The fact that the cheese won't soak through your pizza dough is a plus. Slice the cheese into small pieces. Spread the slices evenly on the pizza once the crust has been prepared with all of the toppings. The cheese will melt like a milky splash when the pizza is baked, but without the watery texture.

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How Can I Make Homemade Pizza Mozzarella?

- A gallon of low-fat milk is one example.

- The mixture should boil until bubbles appear.

- Stir constantly to prevent the milk from burning.

- Add a teaspoon of rennet while the milk is coming to a boil. You can use the same amount of vinegar or lemon juice in place of this ingredient.

- Till the milk curd and water separate, stir frequently. 

- Now remove the curd and squeeze firmly to squeeze out extra water.

- It should be well covered and wrapped with cheesecloth.

- Allow two hours for all the moisture to absorb. The best course of action is to go away for a day.

- Dry the cheese with a different pad before using it.

How Can Regular Mozzarella's Moisture Be Reduced?

Pizza mozzarella has additional advantages; however, normal mozzarella can still be used for pizzas. To produce a fantastic pizza, you can employ a few techniques to get around the issues with regular mozzarella. 

- Take the mozzarella out of the packet, then pat it dry.

- To eliminate moisture, cut the food into smaller pieces and place it in a sieve.

- After they have fully dried, put them in an airtight container and put them in the fridge. 

Just before spreading the cheese on the prepared crust, take them out.

- Before putting them in the crust, use some paper towels to absorb any moisture from them.

- To make the crust, grate or slice the mozzarella extremely thinly.

- Refrigerate your mozzarella cheese before using it.

Benefits of using Mozzarella Cheese 

For the following reasons, mozzarella cheese, in any form, is a traditional topping for pizzas. 

- Pizza toppings made with Mozzarella cheese, has a stringy consistency and thick consistency.

- It melts more quickly when used in slices or grated form.

- The flavor is enhanced by the fresh taste and aroma of milk.

- Provides pizzas with a gourmet appearance to raise their quality.

- Simple to prepare at home with only a few items.

- It is suitable for all customers because it is low in fat and sodium.

- Offers a range of health advantages.

Mozzarella cheeses used in cooking

Mass-produced Mozzarella

The name implies that this mozzarella was produced in a factory. The taste is mildly salty, and the texture is harder and rubbery. To keep moisture out, the cheese is sealed in tight plastic packaging. As a result, this cheese has a low water content and is suitable for pizza.

Mozzarella di Bufala

This one can be a bit pricey because it's produced with buffalo milk. The cheese feels richer because the milk is creamier and richer. There is a mild grassy flavor along with a sweet and milky flavor. Additionally, it is perfect for pizzas where too much water is not desired.

Burrata Cheese

A mozzarella ball with a layer of rich cream in the center. This cheese is made using milk and some mozzarella curd. This is almost like cream cheese and can be used to get bread or other dishes. 

Smoked mozzarella

You can smoke any type of mozzarella for that unique taste. To allow smoke to enter the cheese, it is typically set over wood chips or a smoker. However, the temperature utilized is merely 100 F to prevent the burning of the cheese. 


For baking pizzas, chefs usually advise using fresh or pizza mozzarella because they contain less moisture. Your pizza will taste considerably better as a result. However, you may also make any pizza using regular mozzarella. By just drying them and cutting them into slices. 

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