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How To Pick The Best Cheese for Pizza

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How To Pick The Best Cheese for Pizza - Pizza Bien


There's no other way to unwind yourself from the hustle and bustle of life other than having a delicious pizza. With the ongoing quarantine around the globe, it's usual to want to bake the perfect pizza at home. Whenever we think of pizza, cheese is a prerequisite. After all, who doesn't enjoy melted cheesy goodness on top of a perfectly crispy and tender crust?

However, all cheeses aren't the same. Different cheeses have different flavoring, melting factors, and a lot more. Every person wanting to bake a delicious pizza, or even while ordering pizza, wonders, "what is the best cheese for pizza?"


Ever since the creation of pizza, cheese has been the perfect match. The original pizzeria topped the authentic Neapolitan pizza with fresh mozzarella, but more variations have come around since then. Every cheese is unique with its flavor, making it very common to get confused with a choice. 

Hence, we've curated this article for every other pizza enthusiast out there. Without any further ado, let's begin!


How To Choose The Best Cheese for Pizza?


Whether you like taste or texture, the world of cheese has much to offer. Whether you want a simple or extravagant cheese, there's no going wrong. 

However, before choosing a kind, you must know two important factors for selecting the best cheese for your pizza. The following factors will help you proceed.


  • Topping Combinations


If you're the kind of person to go for classic combinations every time you order or make a pizza at home, you must consider this point. All available cheeses can't allow you to mix and match different topping combos. 


Unless you like making your cheese stand out, go for a subtle cheese that isn't the star of the show. Your cheese must balance the flavor profile of your toppings, so it doesn't create an odd combination in your mouth. 

For example, if you order a meat lover’s pizza with blue cheese, it will not go well. The tanginess from the cheese will overpower the meaty flavor, resulting in a bad pizza combo.


Although, when you order fine cheeses like mozzarella, you can pair it up with almost any available topping. If you ask the best part about this, you can load up on the subtle cheese as much as you want!


  • Browning Factor


The browning factor of each cheese is different. Some cheeses have the burning factor more than the melty factor. When a cheese burns faster than usual, it can ruin the taste of every other topping and even the crust. 


  • Stretchy Factor 


A simple rule of thumb is to pick a cheese that browns on top yet maintains its stretchy factor. Parmesan, Cheddar, and some other varieties have the quality to be stretchy without burning the entire top off. 


  • Fat Content


There's saturated fat that lays inside your cheese. The milk fat helps the cheese become denser. It also contributes to the stretchy factor. The percentage of fat content in your cheese pairs with the moisture to create the perfect balance. The fat rate should be no more than 40% in cheese.


  • Moisture Content 


The moisture content in your pizza is significant. If there's not much hydration inside the cheese, it can burn off too fast. If you're wondering what's the perfect moisture level for your pizza cheese, it's 50%. The percentages of the moisture level with a low-fat content will make your cheese have the Instagram famous stretch. 


What Is The Best Cheese For Pizza


Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to cheese. Hence, we’ve given a detailed description of the 6 best kinds of cheese to put on pizza below for you to choose from. Let’s get into it!




When we think about pizza, we think about the good old mozzarella. It has the perfect consistency of stretchability and melting factor. On top of that, it can go well with almost any pizza topping combination. The cheese pizza healthy factor can be boosted when you choose mozzarella for yourself.


The classic Neapolitan pizza has the grandly known combination that includes mozzarella as the star of the dish. Once you take a bite out of a mozzarella cheese straight out of the oven, you'll be in awe. The perfect combination of a browned top with a melting consistency can impress almost every person on earth!


Some mozzarellas are low in moisture, which helps in their preservation. The soft moisture mozzarellas are better for baking as well. On the other hand, the high moisture mozzarellas have a short shelf life. However, you'll get an instant burst of freshness when you bite into a high moisture mozzarella. 


Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is the best mozzarella pizza in the market. It was used ages ago, and it still maintains its quality. You can also go for other types as all of them work just as fine!




One of the most intensely flavored cheeses is Cheddar. However, this cheese is mainly seen on pizzas that have a cheese combination. Cheddar has a low moisture content, which makes it burn faster in comparison. The color of the cheese is what attracts millions of pizza enthusiasts. On top of that, it has an unbeatable earthy flavor that hits the sweet spot in anyone's palate!


You can mix Cheddar with any other cheese type you like. If you choose to use Cheddar alone, keep in mind that it's not very stretchy. The fat content is also quite a lot, so watch out if you're on a diet. 


You can use the richness of cheddar cheese with acidic toppings like caramelized onion, pineapple, and more. You can also use bland vegetables like broccoli with Cheddar to enhance the taste. Besides, chicken and Cheddar go amazingly together as well. Thus, you have a bunch of options to pair with the cheese. 




Parmesan is undoubtedly one of the cheeses which have the richest flavor. It has strong notes of umami and fragrant profiles that tag along. There are many kinds of parmesan cheese available in the market. However, Parmigiano-Reggiano tops the game.


parmesan cheese for pizza - Pizza Bien


Although this cheese is loved by many, there's an unpopular fact about associating it with pizza. The secret to using parmesan on your pizza is to never use it directly for baking but to grate it on top later. Parmesan should be used more like a topping than a cheese base to avoid ruining the aroma.


In the northern parts of Italy, Parmigiano Reggiano is produced and aged for over one and a half years. When you bite into it, you'll get different nutty flavors paired with an aged smokiness. Parmesan cheese for pizza undoubtedly tops any other topping easily. However, parmesan does burn easily, so make sure you watch the pizza when using it!




Goat cheese, which does not melt like other cheeses, adds a distinct twist to the traditional pizza taste and keeps things interesting. With its acidic flavors and creamy texture, Goat cheese lingers on the tongue like a dry white wine. It goes well with softer veggies and fragrant herbs. 


While goat cheese may not melt like mozzarella or provolone, it does soften beautifully in the oven. Flatbread, focaccia, and Mediterranean pizzas all benefit from goat cheese. Try sprinkling goat cheese over your pie's surface. Each mouthful will have a delicious explosion. It is also extremely elastic due to its high moisture content of approximately 55%.


You can pair the goat cheese with toppings like figs, arugula, mushrooms, broccoli, beef, and more! Experimenting is always a fun way to find out which topping combination works for you. 




Aged Havarti is one of the richest cheeses in taste. The cheese is aged in Denmark for over a year, which gives it the intricate richness. It's used for many food recipes  all across the globe, and it's one of the best cheeses for pizza. 


The aging of Havarti is essential. It is possible to get a firmer, more crystallized texture in Havarti cheese by maturing it for an extended length of time. Havarti has some similarities to good-quality parmesan cheese and cheddar cheese too.


Aged Havarti has a considerably stronger taste while maintaining the creamy, rich, buttery characteristics for which it has become famous. It has a nutty and buttery flavor, with a bit of saltiness to it.




While all the cheeses mentioned above are pretty much packed with non-vegetarian elements, it doesn't have to be that way. In recent times, vegetarian cheeses have been widely used on pizzas. The best part is, you won't even be able to tell the cheese is plant-based when you try them out. 


While some people follow a vegetarian diet and some are unable to digest lactose, all of them can try vegan cheese pizza. It's just as good and healthier in some ways too! At Pizza Bien, you can try out some of the best authentic Neapolitan frozen pizzas right at the comfort of your own home. 




A cheese pizza is undoubtedly one of the best things that have happened in the culinary world. It's much healthier when there's a comparison between cheese pizza vs pepperoni pizza. However, you can pair your choice of cheese with any veg/non-veg topping you want. 


Whether you want to bake a pizza yourself or order in, we hope this article has helped! Till the next time, happy feasting! 

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