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What are the four cheeses for pizza?

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Four different varieties of cheese are combined on a four-cheese pizza. Mozzarella, Parmesan, Gorgonzola, and Fontina are some of these cheeses. Depending on where you are, different cheeses may be found on pizza. Every cheese has a semi-flat texture and a different flavor.  A mature cheese, a solid cheese, a milky cheese, and a slushy cheese are frequently included on a four-cheese pizza. Another crucial component that helps these cheeses melt together is tomato paste. A Four-cheese pizza may also contain Robiola, Pecorino, Taleggio, Stracchino cheeses. You can order Napoli cheese pizza through the mail nowadays. 


Italian buffalo milk is used to produce mozzarella cheese. Pizza is typically made with a Mozzarella cheese variety that is a freshly spun-curd product with little moisture. Its variation contains a little amount of galactose. Pizza makers prefer mozzarella because of its suppleness, delicate texture, and milky flavor. The cheese is kneaded during production. The stretchy quality of the Napoli cheese pizza, which results in those strands you see on pizzas, is given to it by kneading. Despite having a bland flavor, mozzarella enhances the flavors of other components. This cheese creates a great cheese experience when combined with other cheeses. 


Blue cheese is Gorgonzola cheese. It is made from cow milk that hasn't been skimmed. This cheese can be crumbly, soft, creamy, and relatively salty. Compared to other cheeses, it has more bite. This cheese tastes mild when it is young. As it ages, the flavor turns strong and even nutty. Gorgonzola cheese has a high moisture content and noticeable blue streaks. This cheese pairs well with mozzarella cheese.


Another cheese made from cow milk is called Fontina. The cheese is only a little crumbly. It has a mild to semi-sharp flavor and roughly 45% milk fat. Many people enjoy the nutty and fatty flavor of fontina cheese. It melts well, which makes it ideal for baking pizza.


Cow's milk is used to make parmesan cheese. This yellow cheese has a gritty texture and a salty, savory flavor. Manufacturers leave it to age for over a year since it is dense. Due to the significant differences from Mozzarella, it sticks out on pizza.

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How to make 4 cheese pizzas?

The components consist of;

- Fresh yeast weighing 2 1/2 grams.

- Caster sugar, one-half teaspoonful.

- flour weighing 150 grams.

- one hundred grams of bread flour.

- One salt tablespoon.

- Olive oil in the amount of 20 ml.

You can prepare the pizza using the steps below:

  1. Grab a jug, add the sugar and yeast to 150 milliliters of water, and stir. 

  1. Allow it to dissolve for about ten minutes, or until the mixture starts to boil, in a warm location.

  1. Turn the flours into a sizable basin, and in the middle, make a well. 

  1. Add one portion of the yeast mixture into the bowl after dividing it in half.

  1. Stir, then add the salt and oil, and stir some more. 

  1. Bring out the dough and place it on the surface after rubbing some olive oil on it and your hands. 

  1. Roll the dough over and over by pressing down with the heel of your hand.

  1. Three minutes later, transfer the dough to a brand-new bowl that has been very lightly greased. Allow the yeast to activate in a warm place while covering the bowl with a wet tea towel.

  1. Remove the dough once it has risen and set it on a floured surface. The dough should be placed on a dish covered with cling film with the corners neatly folded under into balls.

  1. Give the dough more than 20 minutes to swell once more. Please start the oven and set the temperature to 240°C/220°F fan/gas before preheating the pizza stone.

  1. On a floured board, flatten out the dough into a sphere and add dimpling using fingertips coated in oil. You can scatter them out over the base if you want some passata.

  1. Mozzarella, Fontina, and Gorgonzola cheeses should be added to the dough with a thin wall to allow for melting. 

  1. Sprinkle some Parmesan cheese and black pepper over the dough.

  1. Place the pizza stone in the center of the oven after transferring the dough there. 

  1. Bake the pizza for more than fifteen minutes, or until the cheeses have melted and the edges have begun to color.


Mozzarella, Fontina, Gorgonzola, and Parmesan are the four types of cheese required to make a four-cheese pizza.  A pizza with four different types of cheese is known as a "4 cheese" pizza. Mozzarella is a cheese that has been flavor-infused with ghost pepper, orange cheddar, and creamy cheese. Pizza Bien is right here. With multiple variants, amazing sauces, and succulent toppings, you get to experience the best pizza of your life. Place your order today. Click Here to Buy Now!!!


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