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What is the Most Ordered Pizza Toppings

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What is the Most Ordered Pizza Toppings - Pizza Bien


As the pandemic is approaching an end, everyone's heading out to enjoy their bite of pizza in the summer. Sure, Pizza Bien can be your favorite frozen pizza from Italy, but it can also be a guide to help you have the best pizza bite you've ever had.


When it comes to eating pizza, many customers have reported asking what pizza toppings go well together. Hence, Pizza Bien has taken matters into its hand to give you the best toppings list of this year.


If you're looking for pizzas to put your toppings on top of, order authentic Neapolitan Margherita Pizza from Italy. Let's start learning all about the must-try toppings without any further ado!


Best Pizza Topping Combos

There are endless possibilities when it comes to pizza toppings. Some combinations work better than others, however. Here are some of the best topping combos for pizza: 

1. Pepperoni 

After all, who could beat the generations of pepperoni lovers? This little circle of meat that burns up at the edges and curls up at the side creates a perfect balance with the Cheese and bread of pizza. Good old pepperoni made from beef or pork, and now it's even exclusive for vegans. At Pizza Bien, you can find your good old pepperoni pizza - but a lot healthier. It's also plant-based so that everyone can enjoy a bite!

2. Hot Sausage

One of the most significant American favorites is hot sausage. The spicy hot sausage can revamp any bland pizza! You can always use hot sausage on top of your piping hot pizza and a combination of onions and spices to create the best flavor blend. 

3. Mushrooms

If you're a pizza lover, chances are you love to put mushrooms on top of your pizza. After all, this spongy and earthy element creates the best balance between flavors on your taste buds that keeps you longing for more. 

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4. Bacon Strips

Who doesn't love crispy meat bits crackling inside their mouths and the butteriness melting on top? Bacon strips are the perfect pizza topping because the added fat from the strip combines with mozzarella di bufala to create a breathtaking experience. 

5. Pineapple

Believe it not, prepare to be shocked - despite getting a lot of hate, Hawaiian pizza isn't the worst pizza topping! The acidity of pineapple cuts through the fat of the pizza in itself, making it one of the best toppings to pair your pizza with. 

6. Onions

Many people are fond of onions - and for a good reason. The tangy and slightly spicy taste that onions bring to the table can amplify your pizza tasting experience. After the caramelization, the pizza onions can sweeten the mozzarella bite - creating a beautiful bite. 

7. Bell Peppers

If you're looking for vegan toppings to pair with your pizza from Pizza Bien, you can try these yellow and crunchy veggies! If you're looking for toppings to make your pizza look brighter, there can be no better alternative than bell peppers. 

8. Barbeque Sauce

Authentic Neapolitan pizza sauce is delicious in itself. However, when it combines with the American heritage of BBQ sauce, it greats the perfect tangy flavor. It's not your traditional topping, but barbeque sauce creates such a big statement in changing the flavors of your pizza; it can be a topping for sure. 

9. Beef Bolognese 

Minced salty beef dripping in juice spread all over your favorite cheese pizza seems like a great idea. The beef's richness combines with the Cheese to create the best flavors for beef pizza. Remember to take a walk after having a taste of this one. 

10. Mild Sausage 

The mild sausage is a pizza topping for those who can't stomach too much heat. Even while mild sausage still packs quite a punch when it comes to taste and meatiness, the herbs and mild saltiness of the meat genuinely shine through, making it an excellent choice for any pizza combination, even if you don't like spicy foods.

11. Say Cheese!

Although the overload of Cheese can seem overpowering, you'll be truly amazed to see that it creates a rather tasty experience. If you're in the mood for Cheese, be sure to order Four Cheese pizza from Pizza Bien for a fresh and cheesy dinner!

12. Roasted Peppers

While this may be a bit of a risky arena to some, some peppers are non-spicy and can be used for enabling the overall taste and texture of your pizza. If your pizza is soggy, use roasted bell peppers to add crunchiness. 

13. Jalapenos 

Pizza topped with jalapenos is an excellent choice. Pickled jalapenos, fried eggplant, baby spinach, tomato, and garlic combined can create an ecstatic combination that everyone must try. 

14. Steak

An American heart meal has had steak forever! Imagine it with Cheese and bread. It's a must-try pizza topping combination because it sounds delicious. 

15. Ham 

A personal Italian favorite - Ham, can be on top of your topping list once you try it for once. Ham has the best protein amount that compliments a thin crust Neapolitan Margherita pizza to melt in your mouth. 

16. Bacon Bits

At different points of our lives, we all experienced receiving bacon bits instead of bacon in pizzerias like Dominos. Although bacon bits can get too dry, their crispness can undoubtedly tickle your fancy. 

17. Ground Spicy Chicken

Chicken is the best lean meat of all. If you're trying o maintain your diet but stay fit and active, try eating pizzas with chicken. Ground spicy chicken can make your pizza taste amazing while ensuring you don't ingest more fat than you need to. 

18. Chicken

Did you know that pizza and chicken were never meant to pair up? However, things changed when bigger chains like pizza hut and dominoes introduced their supreme meaty pizza. Ever since chicken and pizza both have been people's favorite. 

19. Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Although it may seem fancy at first, sun-dried tomatoes may not be tasty. In addition to making you appear more sophisticated and cosmopolitan, Sun-dried tomatoes also provide a distinct taste to your food. Adding some unusual ingredients like fresh garlic or feta cheese enhances their flavor. However, they may come off as conceited when ordering in large quantities.

20. Tomatoes

Tomatoes - best pizza topping combos - Pizza Bien

Tomatoes are the perfect bridge to connect two elements. However, tomato on pizza just doesn't stand out in itself! With the combination of a few more toppings, you could improve a tomato topping pizza. However, they have Lycopene which is very healthy for you. 

21. Anchovies

Anchovies on pizza can be your top pick if you're a pescatarian or just love fish. Since the anchovies do smell quite a bit, it's safe to say if you're not a fan of fishy smells, you won't enjoy this pizza a smooch. However, it's definitely worth trying. You can know more about it by clicking here.

22. Tuna

Unless you're a big tuna fan, chances are you won't be a fan of the combination of tuna and Cheese. Hence, if you're picking Tuna as a topping, ensure it's just with a tomato sauce base. 

23. Spinach

If you want an excuse to have something green and nutritious on top of your pizza, spinach can be your go-to. Spinach is full of antioxidants, and you'll barely be able to taste it in your cheese pizza. However, it does leave a trail of aroma and freshness. 

24. Olives

Many tend to love this ingredient, but we'll be disagreeing. Olive on pizza can alter the taste of the main piazza, and the pungent smell can ruin the delicious pizza aroma. 

25. Broccoli 

Broccoli is downright one thing that is not meant to be on pizza. The broccoli can make your simple cheese pizza taste bland and take the fun element out of it.



In conclusion, many different topping combinations can be used on pizza. Some of the best combinations include pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, ham, pineapple, bacon, BBQ chicken, and red onion. 

Whether you are a pizza lover or just looking to try something new, these combos are sure to please! Make sure to order the real Italian pizza to pair the combinations with from Pizza Bien. Till the next, happy feasting and stay with us!


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