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What toppings are on the Napoli pizza?

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The Margherita and Marinara are the classic Neapolitan pizzas found in Naples, the city where modern pizza was created. Naples is still widely considered the city that produces the best pizzas in the world, making it somewhat of a mecca for pizza lovers. The phrase "Neapolitan pizza" has undoubtedly come up before. When referring to pizza produced in the manner of those from Naples, we use this phrase. These pizzas are often prepared in wood-fired ovens, which can cook them in as little as 60 seconds at temperatures as high as 500C/950F. This contributes to the charring and flavor that are distinctive to Neapolitan pizza. You can find Napoli's pizzeria near me in search engines. 

Fortunately, you can get smaller, more reasonably priced wood-burning ovens that can also cook pizza in as short as 60 seconds and reach 500C/950F! These Ooni pizza ovens produce outstanding Neapolitan-style pizza! Keep in mind that when it comes to toppings on authentic Italian pizzas, less is more. The ingredients are selected with care to enhance one another as much as possible.

Pizza Margherita

- Tomato sauce

- Mozzarella cheese

- Parmesan cheese (optional)

- Fresh Basil

- Olive oil

- Black pepper (optional)

The best pizzas ever are margaritas, which contrary to popular belief are boring when prepared with care and quality ingredients. The Pizza di Napoli mozzarella adds a creaminess with a pillowy soft texture, the parmesan adds a subtle sharpness and saltiness, the basil adds a hint of herbiness, the olive oil adds a luxurious oily flavor that coats the mouth, and the black pepper adds a little kick. The tomato sauce adds a wonderful rich flavor with a hint of acidity.

Although the ingredients might appear straightforward, they have all been carefully chosen. They all enhance one another so beautifully. It's crucial to add the components in the proper amounts so that they all complement one another. It will take some practice to get the quantities correct, but it's usually a good idea to start with fewer toppings than you think. Most individuals have a tendency to add too many, which prevents the dough from completely cooking and overpowers the flavor.


Marinara pizza 

A Marinara is not a seafood pizza, unlike what many people believe. Unfortunately, a lot of establishments have mistakenly named seafood pizzas they've served a Marinara. In actuality, seafood toppings are uncommon on authentic Neapolitan pizza. Although the marinara pizza has fewer toppings than the margarita, it is still a lovely pizza. Again, the key is using high-quality, authentic Italian pizza toppings. Every amazing Napoli pizzeria provides these mouth-watering variants. The pizza with the fewest calories is Marinara.


- Tomato ketchup

- Garlic

- fresh thyme

- new basil

- Olive oil

Note that this pizza is cheese-free. No cheese, that's right. Despite the fact that this pizza is vegan, a good Marinara should not be disregarded. In this dish, tomato sauce is essential. The tomato sauce is really given the opportunity to shine because cheese is not added. As a result, the sauce must be perfectly seasoned and made with the best tomatoes available. Garlic is frequently used in large quantities since Italians adore it. For a large pizza, use 2 to 3 crushed, torn, or sliced cloves. The garlic gives this pizza a lot of taste and pairs beautifully with the tomato sauce. Don't worry about consuming too much garlic.

Diavola Pizza

This pizza is hot and devilish! In actuality, the Italian word for devil is Diavola. It is essentially a pepperoni pizza that is truly Italian. (Except the Italians came up with it first). Italian spicy salami is the main ingredient in a pizza called a Diavola. Salami comes in a wide variety, and any of them can be used. Sometimes chilies are added to milder salami to add a little extra spiciness. After all, this pizza is supposed to be very spicy and hot. Pizza di Napoli multiple variants are available.


- Salami, 

- tomato sauce, 

- mozzarella cheese, 

- optional red or green pepper flakes, and 

- basil (optional)

- Olive Oil

Nduja pizza

Nduja is unquestionably an authentic, classic Italian product, while not technically a pizza. Nduja, which is pronounced "en-doo-ya," is an Italian salami that is spicy and spreadable. Neapolitan pizzas are topped with the genuine Italian condiment nduja. Nduja has a fantastic flavor, but what makes it perfect for pizza is that it melts when baked. When I put some on a pizza, I like to watch it melt into the tomato sauce. For this pizza, either mozzarella cheese or Parmesan/Pecorino can be utilized. The spiciness of the Nduja sometimes overpowers the delicate flavor of the Mozzarella, so you can use hard cheese for this pizza. 


- Tomato sauce

- Mozzarella/Parmesan/Pecorino

- Nduja

- Basil leaves

- Olive oil

Keep in mind that Nduja is frequently even greasier than ordinary salami. Make sure to brush the pizza with far less oil than usual. You can always try the best Napoli pizza Margherita from the pizzeria. 


We believe that the best course of action is, to begin with, the traditional Neapolitan pizzas, Margherita and Marinara. Once you have mastered the traditional pizzas, you may begin experimenting with different toppings. Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to toppings on traditional Italian Neapolitan pizza. Concentrate on a small number of excellent toppings that go well together, letting the dough's quality take center stage. 

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