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What Type of Mushrooms Goes on Pizza? The Best Mushrooms for Pizza

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What Type of Mushrooms Goes on Pizza - The Best Mushrooms for Pizza - Pizza Bien

Some of us can't imagine it without mushrooms when we think of pizza! Many believe that mushrooms were not put initially over the authentic Neapolitan pizza. However, to debunk those beliefs, we're here to tell you otherwise.

While Italians started the legacy of their ever-so-famous pizza, the history of mushroom pizza is embedded in history as "Pizza Boscaiola." The pizza was made with wild mushrooms overloaded with cheesy goodness. 

Thus, ever since the tradition of putting mushrooms on pizza emerged. And it has been a great ride for sure! Pizza and mushrooms are a perfect combination together. 

Hence, we've come to curate this article to help answer your questions related to "what type of mushrooms go on pizza?" and "what are the best mushrooms for pizza?"

Thus, without any further ado, let's begin knowing all about mushrooms on pizza.

Can You Put Mushrooms on Authentic Neapolitan Pizza?

Pizza has been around for ages. Over time, different variations of toppings have been added on top of authentic Neapolitan pizza. However, the relation of pizza and mushroom hasn't been noted down very well down the lane of pizza history.

As far as food critics say, mushrooms and pizza have been around even before the reign of pepperoni pizza; since wild mushrooms were available in Italy seldom, they used the edible mushrooms on top of the pizza to enhance its taste.

Mushrooms have an unbeatable texture when it comes to pairing them with cheese. Hence it's safe to say when you're eating mushroom pizza, you’re not betraying the authenticity of Neapolitan pizza.

Nowadays, it's tough to find a place that sells authentic Neapolitan pizza with the pairing of mushrooms. Hence, to make sure you get the best mushrooms for pizza in each slice, you must order from Pizza Bien.

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Their authentic mushroom pizzas are baked with the most delicate Porcini. Whether you like the taste of Potato porcini or Porcini Truffle pizza, you'll enjoy every single bite of the authentic Italian goodness. 

What Are The Best Mushrooms For Pizza?

There are over ten thousand species of mushrooms available all across the world. However, not all of them are edible. Thus, most of the time, when it comes to mushrooms and pizza, certain types of mushrooms are used. 

Thus, we have prepared an all-inclusive list of what type of mushrooms go on pizza to your benefit. Get trained as we're about to go mushrooming'!

Button Mushrooms

Initially found in Europe and North America, the button mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus) is now found worldwide. It is a gilled fungus that grows in a variety of habitats. 

According to the USDA, button mushrooms are a good source of vitamins and minerals. The mushroom includes a very high vitamin B and potassium concentration, among other nutrients.

When this particular type of mushroom is brought to a saute with olive oil and some essential herbs and seasoning - it's definitely a party of flavors.

Button mushrooms may be small, and white but their flavors are explosive. If you're ordering outside without much experience with mushrooms - button mushroom is your safest choice.

Porcini Mushrooms

They are often described as nutty, earthy, and meaty. However, this is not always the case. While they resemble other mushrooms, they have a unique nutty taste. Fresh mushrooms have a meaty, velvety texture when cooked.

Porcini mushrooms' rich, woodsy taste goes nicely with meat, prosciutto, Parmesan, Fontina cheese, and onions on pizza. 

You can also use porcini mushrooms in pizza sauces like olive oil, cream, and balsamic vinegar. After boiling, let the porcinis soak in hot water for 30 minutes before draining. Before putting them to the pie, drain and sauté them in olive oil or butter.

Trust the process, and see the magic happen with Porcinis. It's the best type of mushroom to pair with any gourmet pizza like Pizza Bien's Potato Porcini Pizza.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are endemic to East Asia and may be eaten. They are between 2 and 4 inches  (5 and 10 cm) long with tan to dark brown crowns. 

Fungi found on rotting hardwood trees are known as shiitake mushrooms, and they are traditionally consumed as such.

A little extra depth in your mushroom pizza is what you're looking for. More pizzerias than you may guess use shiitakes as the solution.

With buttery and deep taste, fresh shiitake mushrooms are unique to any dish. It's different with dried shiitake mushrooms, which become smokier when they're dried, and that smokiness is accentuated by the high heat of the pizza oven.

Thus, these ever-so-famous mushrooms are well-established for a reason when it comes to the best of pizza. This could be your easy and delicious solution if you're baking a pizza and planning what type of mushroom to go on pizza. 

Portabella Mushrooms

Portabella mushrooms are well known for being grilled at BBQs. If you have tasted them before, there's no way you can fall in absolute love with them.

If you're an aspiring vegetarian - this mushroom could be perfectly your choice. The mushroom tastes almost like familiar meat since it replicates a meaty taste and texture. Thus, for vegetarians, this could be a great meat substitute.

When mature, these large, flat, dark brown cap mushrooms have a deep, meaty flavor and texture. Portobello mushrooms are white button-shaped mushrooms known as Crimini, Bella, or Baby Bella when picked young.

These mushrooms are thicker than others and have a distinct taste not found in any other vegetable. Portabellas are a crowd-pleaser. And can be the best choice for mushrooms on pizza.

Cremini Mushrooms

This dish strikes a balance between the meaty and simple portobello mushrooms. You just need to look at the brown cremini mushroom in the center.

White button mushrooms are a typical kind of white mushroom. However, this mushroom has brown skin and tan meat. When prepared, it has a more pungent taste than white button mushrooms, with a more earthy or smoky note.

The "Portobello" type of white button mushrooms has been more mature. These mushrooms are called crimini because they resemble button mushrooms but are brown and have a portobello flavor.

Thus, the Cremini mushrooms can be an excellent choice when cooking a perfectly authentic wild Italian mushroom pizza.


A truffle is the fruiting body of one of the several Tuber species. Due to their ectomycorrhizal fungal physiology, truffles often grow near tree roots. The spores are transmitted by animals that eat mushrooms.

Truffles, like mushrooms, are fungi. On the other hand, Truffles are considered subterranean and hence grow underground.

Truffles are a delicious delicacy even if not used in pasta. Around the world, famous chefs have been using the ingredients for a while. Adding truffles to your pizza elevates it to a gourmet level that will leave everyone at the dinner table speechless.

Best Mushrooms For Pizza

Best Mushrooms For Pizza - order mushroom pizza online

Now that we have talked about the types of mushrooms that will go well on pizza, it's time to discuss what mushrooms are best for pizza. 

Well, to be fair - you can use any given mushroom on your pizza as long as it sits right with your palette. You shouldn't make your crust mushrooms that are overly watery and result in a soggy crust. You also shouldn't be using canned mushrooms as nothing beats the taste of the fresh ones. 

Thus, here are a few pointers you must keep in mind while making the best decision for the mushrooms on your pizza:

  • Always use fresh mushrooms.
  • You can always mix and match the type of mushrooms you want to put on your pizza. It never has to be just one!
  • It's better never to make the mistake of buying canned mushrooms for your pizza, as they'll make a slimy taste.
  • Make sure to saute the mushrooms before putting them in the oven. The fungus needs to eliminate germs by being pre-cooked and exposed to high heat before being placed in the oven.

Tips for Making Mushroom Pizza

If you decide to make a mushroom pizza, you can follow a few tips to ensure you have the best-tasting mushroom pizza. Let' see some of the tips below:

  • Make sure to never use raw mushrooms in your pizza directly before putting them in the oven.
  • If you're ordering out, you can get the best-frozen mushroom pizza at Pizza BienYou can also choose to customize the pizza by putting in more mushrooms of your choice.
  • Ensure to pair mozzarella and goat cheese to achieve a smooth, creamy vibe that makes your taste buds feel divine.
  • Try to avoid over-baking the pizza to ensure the mushrooms are correctly juicy.


We can finally say that mushrooms DO belong on pizza. Whether it's button or shiitake, or even fancy truffles - you can go crazy with your creativity. 

Pairing mushrooms and pizza is always a good choice for even vegans who want to experience pizza despite avoiding meat. 

We hope you have everything in here by now about mushrooms on pizza! For any further questions, don't forget to comment down below. Til the next time - happy feasting and stay with Pizza Bien.

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