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5 Best Two Topping Pizza You Can't Ignore!

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Best Two Topping Pizza You Cant Ignore - Pizza Bien

When we start talking about pizza, one of the main questions that come to our mind is,” what pizza topping is the best for pizza? Well, to your benefit, the culinary world of pizza has produced hundreds of topping options to choose from.

However, the statistics say that most people prefer eating a two-topping pizza over a pizza that’s doused with ingredients. If you ask why it’s simply because simple pizzas are not overwhelming, you can feel the components separately as they glide over your tastebuds. 

Thus, we have prepared an article consisting of the five best two-topping pizzas you can’t ignore! We’ll also be giving out tips on how you can make the best pizza sitting right at home. Hence, without any further ado, let’s start!

5 Best Two Topping Pizza Combinations

1. Italian Sausage and Pepperoni 

When we talk about pizza, the first image that pops in our head is of a delicious pizza containing sausage and pepperoni, and of course, the mighty cheese! This two-pizza topping combination is undoubtedly the favorite of all carnivores.

Even if you have shifted your diet to a more vegetarian side, you can use plant-based sausage and pepperoni. The plant-based options taste as good as the real meat with a new twist of flavors that you may just fall in love with! 

2. Porcini and Truffle Pizza

The usage of mushrooms and truffles on pizza goes back for years. Even before pepperoni was popular, mushrooms were seldom paired with pizza. Thus, for authentic pizza lovers - this is definitely a  treat!

Porcini is one of the most used mushrooms in a regular pizza. Porcini mushrooms are healthy and enriched with rich earthy flavors.  Porcini and truffle combinations make the best ever gourmet pizza. To know more about gourmet pizza options, you can click here.

Despite being a classical favorite, the combination is pretty hard to find. Hence, order the best two-topping frozen pizza, order Pizza Bien's Porcini Truffle pizza.  The pizza is finely made with the best ingredients and is considered gourmet. This pizza is undoubtedly a must if you want to taste authentic Neapolitan flavors! 

3. Mushrooms and Black Olives

Talking about mushrooms’ rich history involving pizza will probably take hours. We all know mushrooms are people’s favorite, absorbing flavors well. Mushrooms also have a slippery texture that makes them soft, easy to chewy, and full of flavors. 

Thus, when mushrooms are used with black olive and authentic mozzarella cheese - it yields the best pizza combination for aspiring vegetarians. The sweet yet simple pizza gives the rich flavor of cheese that shines its way through without being too overpowering.

The saltiness and acidic taste of the pizza neutralize and create a harmony of flavors. Thus, mushrooms and black olives are a must-try for people of all ages. 

4. Feta and Spinach 

Feta and spinach pizza is a pizza seldom seen on different pizzerias. If you choose to take raw spinach, it will taste sweet. Whereas if the spinach is cooked to perfection, it’ll provide a robust acidic taste.

Both of the flavors balance cheese very well. Feta and spinach together are indeed a match made in heaven that qualifies for being one of the best pizza toppings!

5. Porcini and Pesto Pizza

Again with the people’s favorite mushroom! When a potato porcini pizza is combined with pesto, the greens from the pesto back up the rich earthy texture of the porcini. Thus, it makes one of the best two-topping pizza combinations.

The pizza in itself gives a grainy taste that blends perfectly with the whole-wheat crust of your pizza. If you’re a fan of garlic, parsley, or basil - you will love the flavor of a pesto porcini pizza. 

 Potato Porcini Truffle pizza resembles a creamy taste that doesn’t only taste good but is also great for your health! If you want to know more about the best pizza topping combinations, click here.

Tips for Making the Best Pizza Ever

Pizza has been America's favorite cuisine for decades. Pizza is a worldwide favorite, whether cheese, pepperoni, or Hawaiian. Consequently, most people don't consider pizza a "quick" meal. Click here to find out whether pizza is an Italian delicacy or a fast-casual dish.

Making pizza is an art form involving meticulous attention to detail from the flour to the final toppings and sauce selection.

We've learned a lot about making the best pizza over the years, and we'd want to teach you. Thus, let’s begin with the best tips for making homemade pizza.

Hence, let’s break down parts of a pizza to help learn the tips!


Try to Use a Homemade Crust 

Perfecting a pizza crust requires the correct pizza dough. Hence, you need to make the best crust at home by yourself. 

Homemade pizza dough has a beautiful texture and a crispy golden crust. To create your pizza crust, ensure to use the flour type suitable for your diet. 

To decide between thin, thick, or packed crust, you must first answer the following questions: Finding the proper flour is easy when you know what kind of crust you want.

Freeze The Crust Before Baking 

This step is vital for delicious pizza dough. Lowering the dough's temperature slows fermentation. This is what gives pizza dough its favorite flavor.

Hence, taking your time here will give your dough its full taste. Yeast in the dough breaks down the starches in the flour. 

Most homemade pizza recipes need just one hour of fermentation, while traditional pizza dough may require several days. For the best pizza crust, refrigerate it for 24 hours. 

Keep your dough chilled the night before, so you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen.

Stretch at Room Temperature - and Not Too Much!

The thickening and texture of the pizza crust are enhanced by hand stretching the dough forms. To produce the best pizza dough, avoid using a rolling pin. 

Consequently, when you layout pizza dough, all air is removed. Difficult to use and unable to accept a large variety of toppings. The crust has a better texture when it is stretched by hand.

Before stretching the dough, refrigerate it for a few hours. The wheat gluten softens when pizza dough is refrigerated. Stretching too-hard dough deforms it. 

Regardless of the recipe, overbaking cold dough results in a big crust. Therefore, allow at least an hour before, and bake to avoid problems with cold dough.

It is uncertain how long it takes to knead the best pizza dough. Blend the ingredients well without overworking them. 

Over-kneading, the dough thickens it and transforms it into bread. Hence, ensure to allow the dough to rest for 3 minutes instead of the customary 8.


Ensure to Measure The Ingredients 

Ensure to Measure The Ingredients - best pizza toppings - Pizza Bien

Excellent pizza dough starts with flour, yeast, water, and salt. The quickest approach isn't the most accurate. 

Instead, use a scale to measure all ingredients (including yeast and salt). Using this strategy ensures you add the right amount of each component. In the end, you’ll have a perfect pizza!

Wait For the Pizza

A rookie's error is always getting the pizza from the oven undercooked. Don’t be that person!

Most novice pizza makers fear overcooking their dishes. But no one wants a soggy or charred pizza dough. Bake your pizza even after you think it's done.

Adding a few minutes to the cooking time improves the crust’s flavor and browns while toasting the cheese.


Time for the Toppings! 

Now that you have gone through our article, you should be well aware of the best two-topping pizza combinations that exist. Make sure to pile on the toppings according to their cooking instructions, as sometimes toppings may need pre-cooking. 

Don’t Use Too Much

Ensure not to douse your pizza with unnecessary toppings. It will ruin your pizza experience and wildly snatch the authentic Neapolitan feeling off the pizza. You can also use vegetarian-friendly topping options. To find more about vegetarian pizza, click here.


Thus, we hope by now you know the best baking tips regarding your pizza and the best 5 two-topping pizza combinations that are completely unmissable! If you have any more favorites, don’t forget to let us know through the comments. Till the next time, stay with Pizza Bien and happy feasting. Click Here to Buy Now!


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