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Which Freezing Method is Best for Frozen Pizza?

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Which Freezing Method is Best for Frozen Pizza - Pizza Bien


The culinary world has improved different techniques over the years. One of the essential parts of it was figuring out how to store food for the convenience of the customers. Thus, it raises a fundamental question: which freezing method is best for frozen pizza and how is frozen pizza made?


The best-frozen pizza freezing method is flash freezing. Amid normal and flash freezing, the latter one tops the game with how speedy and efficient it is to stop germs from growing inside the pizza. 


However, both ways essentially work well for storing great pizza like Pizza Bien's pizza. Therefore, today in our article, we will discuss how to flash freeze pizza and freeze pizza with additional tips. Therefore, without any further ado, let's begin!


What is Flash Freezing


Flash freezing is a type of blast chiller where you can freeze your pizza or any particular food under 2 minutes within the blink of an eye! It's essentially faster than even your microwave oven's speed. 


With the growing number of pizzerias, the finest use the flash-freezing technique. To no surprise, this machine freezes your food in several seconds, so the dehydration level and water vapor are at it's lowest. Germs stand no chance of growing in an environment as such. 


What Is The Difference Between Freezing and Flash Freezing 

The main difference between freezing and flash freezing is that with flash freezing, it takes 2 minutes to freeze your pizza while it takes much longer to freeze the pizza in a flash freezer. 


If you're wondering about the benefit of flash freezing, you get the maximum dehydration level and minimum ice-crystal size with flash freezing. 

This permits the crust to stay softer and chewier for long, even after defrosting. Microbial growth with minimal time usage can be prevented better with flash freezing, too. 

Since only miro-crystals can develop inside the flash freezer, it ensures the nutritional value of the food to be fully intact. It also gives you the privilege of storing pizza much longer than freezing.  


Many people ask, "why does the pizza taste better when you use the flash frozen pizza method?" The answer is that flash frozen pizza's integral structure and taste of the pizza remain intact.


Thus, it's the best freezing method, even when comparing the difference between freezing and flash frozen. 


How is Frozen Pizza Made & Guide on How To Flash Freeze Pizza 

Things You Will Require:

  • Frozen pizza from Pizza Bien or homemade fresh-frozen pizza.
  • Fork to poke
  • Flash Freezer
  • Ziplock bag/foil 
  • Aluminum foil.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Step 1: Poke!

The first step is relatively fun. All you have to do is take your pizza and fork and start poking! A moderate amount of poking will ensure it bubbles to a minimal level. Poking will also help speed up the freezing process later on.

Step 2: Pre-Bake It

Before putting it directly into the flash freezer, all you need to do is bake your p[izza base crust for roughly 4-5 minutes. The pre-baking process will help the pizza's taste remain intact, even after the final bake! 

You can use a pizza stone for baking your pizza crust or a traditional oven method. 

Step 3: Top With Toppings

Now, you can add any toppings you want in this very step. Even with pre-made frozen pizza, you can customize the topping before you choose to use the flash freezer. 

The toppings can be laid on top and frozen in the next step, whether it's raw or cooked. 

Step 4: Time to Freeze!

All you have to do is put your pizza into the blast chiller in this step. Let your pizza chill down after baking before placing the pizza inside the freezer.

Step 5: Wrap Up!

After frozen, ensure wrapping them in an airtight plastic bag/Ziploc. Later, double wrap them using aluminum foil; this will ensure the moisture from previously used olive oil, mozzarella, and tomatoes remain intact in your pizza. 

Defrost to room temperature when you finally bake the frozen-thawed pizza. You can bake them properly after they've defrosted. In this way, you can enjoy a fresh pizza on the spot! Therefore, this is how you can freeze your frozen pizza in the best way possible. 

If you're wondering how long can you store frozen pizza after flash freezing, as long as the pizza remains at 0 degrees Celsius, it's safe to eat indefinitely! 


How To Freeze Pizza in a Refrigerator 

How To Freeze Pizza in A Refrigerator - benefit of flash freezing - Pizza Bien


Freezing is by far the most reliable way to store any food. If you can freeze your pizza in use right way using a refrigerator, it will come out just like new, even after months! Hence, make sure to go through the steps below to know you can freeze frozen pizza like a professional in no time!

Things You Will Require:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Your pizza base
  • Plastic wrap/Ziplock 
  • Guide on How to Freeze Pizza                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Step 1: Prepare Your Pizza

Like flash freezing, the preparation method for freezing is the same for preparing your pizza. You can take your favorite frozen pizza and par-bake it, making it suitable for poking holes for further steps.

You can use a pizza peel for the best way to remove a pizza from the oven. A baking stone can help as well! 

Step 2: Crisp the Crust

Again, you can bake your pizza for 4-5 minutes before deciding to freeze your pizza at 235 degrees Celsius to cook. This step is crucial for the perfect thin crust pizza, even after freezing.

You can also add your desired toppings after the whole wheat crust has been par-baked. 

Step 3: Cover The Pizza!

Store the pizza in the same way as a flash freezer. Wrap your pizza carefully to avoid air and frost burns, and your pizza will be good in the freezer for 2-3 months.

The plastic wrap keeps frozen food fresh and keeps out air. It's better to wrap the pizza with a plastic bag before aluminum foil. 

Before enclosing the opening of the plastic bag, you can gently press the foil around the pizza's perimeter. This will help to keep moisture and freezer aromas out.

Step 4: Freeze Up!

Now for the last part, you have to place your pizza in the freezer in a way that it doesn't get squashed by any other dish on top. To know more about storing pizza in the fridge, click right here!

To defrost a frozen pizza, take it from the freezer and place it at room temperature for 3 to 4 hours. Afterward, bake the pizza for 260 degrees Celsius and savor every mouthful of it.


Tips for Freezing Pizza in The Best Way 

  • You may freeze Pre-baked or cooked pizza for up to three months. It should be eaten within a month after purchase to achieve the best flavor. 
  • Too much freezing changes the texture and flavor of food. Hence, cook your frozen pizza as fast as possible for the best taste. To know-how about how to cook a frozen pizza without an oven in 3 different ways, click here. 
  • When ready to serve, warm frozen pizza slices in the microwave for approximately a minute.
  • To save time, you may microwave the pizza right away to defrost. There's a chance that the crust will harden up, but it will be thawed. For the best pizza crust recipe, click here.
  • To prevent overcooking, defrost the pizza in the microwave for a few seconds beforehand.
  • Date frozen things always. If you're freezing your pizza in a container, write the freezing date on the container.
  • You can stack old pizzas and store them in the freezer before baking them. To know more about baking a frozen pizza, click here.                                                    Conclusion

Flash freezing is undoubtedly the best method to freeze your pizza. However, if you don't have a flash freezer, you can easily freeze your pizza using the regular fridge. Following our steps properly will surely yield the best results! We hope you know everything about freezing methods by now. Till the next time, happy feasting and stay with Pizza Bien. Click Here to Buy Now!


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