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The Best Pizza Toppings For Little Ones: 5 Healthy Pizza Toppings for Kids

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The Best Pizza Toppings For Little Ones - 5 Healthy Pizza Toppings for Kids - Pizza Bien

Are you looking for the best healthy pizza topping for kids? Say no more because we are at  Pizza Bien and have collected years of experience with pizza and curated this article for you!

A healthy pizza topping can be challenging to come by, and many parents often struggle with what ingredients will please their picky eater. Luckily, there are a variety of options available that will satisfy the taste buds and provide nutrition for growing children.

Thus, we're here to educate you about all the pizza ideas that make the cut to your kid's tiffin box.

How to Make Kids Eat Vegetables 

It can be extremely tricky to have your kid eat vegetables, as we all may know. However, in the age and generation where all kids unite for their love of pizza, it's not that hard! 

You can easily sneak in different kinds of healthy pizza toppings as their meal, and we're going to show you how to do it. 

A good pizza is a healthy meal. When making pizza for kids, choose a crust that is not too greasy, fresh tomato sauce, and a thin layer of mozzarella cheese.

While the typical white crust is not a healthy option, it is still high in protein and an excellent calcium source. Toppings such as these can be a great addition to a pizza if you look for a healthier version of the traditional kind.

A healthy pizza topping is easy to incorporate into the meal. Your kids will love the taste of something they have helped make. Let them help you measure ingredients, mix up the sauce, choose toppings, and prep cheeses. 

They can even help set the table and make salads. When choosing healthy pizza toppings for kids, choosing the most playful and appealing version is always better! They'll be intrigued by the pizza by their tummy and heart, both!

Where to Order Healthy Pizza For Kids

Pizza is a popular dish enjoyed in many countries. One of the most delicious aspects of pizza is its variety of toppings. Some typical toppings are mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, onions, olives, and pepperoni. 

However, certain toppings are not considered healthy for your body, such as the pepperoni topping mentioned before. This is because it contains high salt levels, which can contribute to high blood pressure.

However, the "good" pizza toppings which are not harmful rather beneficial for your body can be considered a healthy pizza topping. Especially when you have children in the house, healthy pizza toppings are a must. 

If you order unhealthy pizza every time your child refuses to have their daily meals, it's going to affect them badly. Their growth may be hampered; there will be unnecessary weight gain and a lack of overall nutrition. 

Hence, if you're looking for a healthy pizza for kids, make sure to order Pizza Bien's healthy pizzasAll the pizza is made with wholesome, vegan alternative ingredients rich in taste and nutrition. The pizza is also fresh-frozen, making it convenient to bake it anytime when your kid wants!

5 Healthy Pizza Topping For Kids

Look no further if you're looking for healthy pizza toppings for kids. Here are five delicious and healthy pizza toppings for kids. No matter what your child's favorite topping, there's a healthy pizza for your family. 

All you need is a few ingredients, and your child will be excited about the food. It's also an excellent opportunity to teach your child about vegetables. Hence, below are the 5 healthy pizza toppings for kids you must try!          

1. Non-processed protein: Protein from Lean Chicken, Eggs, Tofu, Beans

Meat toppings are a great source of protein, which will help keep you full longer. They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and iron. Using lean beef or poultry will help you cut back on sodium and saturated fat. Grilled chicken is a healthy alternative to red meat. 

Moreover, it is lower in salt and contains more protein. Roasted garlic can also add flavor without calories, and it helps improve your breath. Artichokes are another healthy pizza topping you can pair with every lean meat. You can include bbq sauce, chopped mushroom, and plant-based sausage for a tasty treat!

Processed meats are highly processed and can cause health problems. Meats that have been dried, baked, or smoked are high in nitrates, linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer. 

Choose plant-based protein as your pizza toppings if you want to give your kid a balanced meal. You can also order Pizza Bien's Four-Cheese pizza. They'll love it and will probably eat it! 

2. Green leafy vegetables: Spinach, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts

The right toppings can be a great way to add extra nutrition to your pizza by including yummy veggies. Not only will these toppings give your pizza a great taste, but they can also protect your body from cancer. 

As an added bonus, crushed garlic is low-calorie and can reduce the risk of heart attacks. It also helps the blood clot and improves brain health. Capers are a great addition to pizzas that are high in vitamin K.

Broccoli is another option that kids will love. It's completely different once it's cooked, and the iron it contains will increase. 

Fresh vegetables can be the perfect addition to any pizza. In fact, less than ten percent of American kids get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables daily. These include high-fiber arugula, calcium-rich sweet peppers, and sliced tomatoes. 

Green leafy vegetables - Spinach Broccoli Brussels sprouts - pizza toppings for kids - Pizza Bien

For a delicious pizza with the right toppings, try using red peppers. These peppers have a unique sweetness, and they can help you get your daily vitamin C. They are also packed with antioxidants, so they're a healthy choice for any pizza. 

If you want even more health benefits, add a few slices of black olives to your pizza. These olives are high in polyphenols and flavonoids, beneficial to the body. Plus, they are excellent sources of vitamin K.

You can also include garlic in your pizza crust, which will be very healthy for your kids. You can follow our recipe by clicking here for a crispy thin crust pizza.

3. Whole grains: Whole wheat bread crusts, Quinoa, Bulgur, Spelt 

It's always important to include whole grains in your kid's diet. Especially when kids love eating pizza, they're already getting their daily dose of whole grains from the crust. However, 

if you choose to use cauliflower crusts, you can include pizza toppings like quinoa, bulgur, spelled, and even oats mixed with delicious spicy tomatoes. In this way, not only will your kids eat pizza, but also stay fit and get their daily dose of whole grains.

You could also use pesto with onion marinara to spice up your game and take your healthy pizza topping combination to the next level!

4. Fruits and vegetables: Lemons, Olives, Pineapples

Most kids love eating colorful fruits! Hence, incorporating lemons, olives, pineapples, and even apples can be an excellent choice for them!

Pineapple is a great way to curb your kids' sugar cravings. One cup of pineapple contains 100 percent of the recommended daily manganese, which helps the body make energy from the food we eat. 

Apples are also an excellent topping for pizza. Mix melted butter with sliced apples and cinnamon powder. Cover the baking sheet and let it sit for 15 minutes. You can then layer the apple topping on the pizza and finish it with the cheese topping. If your child is a picky eater, this can be an excellent way to turn an unhealthy pizza into a nutritious, fruity meal. 

Sliced tomatoes and pesto are two of the most popular pizza toppings for kids. They can add the same benefits to any pizza, but the sliced tomatoes will provide the best flavor and most nutritional value. Added black olives are full of unsaturated fats that lower cholesterol and fight heart disease. You can add other toppings to the pizzas if your child prefers them.

5. Dairy products: Cheese

Kids love pizza with cheese on it. In all honesty, what's pizza without cheese? Hence, incorporate different types of pizza with your delicious pizza toppings to ensure your child has all his macros in front of the food pyramid on a daily basis.

You can include shredded mozzarella, feta, provolone, parmesan cheese, and more for the best cheese pizza. If you want to order a healthy cheese pizza for you and your family that's also kids' friendly, order Pizza Bien's Four-Cheese pizza. Your tastebuds will indeed be lingering for more!


Bottom line, using a single ingredient usually found in your refrigerator, you can have a healthy and delicious pizza topping for kids of all ages.

Now that you know how easy it is to prepare a healthy pizza topping for kids, stop by the grocery store and grab some ingredients so you can pair these toppings with your delicious Pizza Bien pizza right at home! Til the next time, happy feasting and stay with Pizza Bien!


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