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Can You Order Pizza For Someone In A Different State? Yes, and Here’s How!

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Can You Order Pizza For Someone In A Different State - Yes and Heres How - Pizza Bien

Amid the pandemic, everyone has thought of sending food to their beloved friends and family. However, the social distancing rules may prevent us from delivering food directly to their house. Thus, many of us try to look up, "Can you order pizza for someone in a different state?"

Yes, you can order pizza for someone in a different state by ordering through Pizza Bien. In this article, we'll describe every step involved in sending pizza to someone in a different state and three ways to do it. 

Stick to the end of the article to find more details about the types of pizza you can order for someone living overseas. Without any further ado, let's begin!

3 Different Ways to Order Pizza For Someone In A Different State

1. Place an order through Pizza Bien

If you were wondering, "can I order pizza for someone else online?" Yes, you can, and the best way would be through ordering from Pizza Bien.

Yep, you heard that right - the best option for you to deliver pizza to someone living in another state is by ordering through Pizza Bien. Pizza Bien is an authentic Italy-based pizzeria that serves fresh-frozen pizzas all over the country from the comfort of your own home.

With just a few clicks, you can order a pizza for your friend living in any corner of the country. And when it comes to taste and quality, you'll never be disappointed by the state-of-the-art pizza from Pizza Bien.

Choosing your delivery address allows you to bypass the delivery process. This may be the best option for patients at high risk of COVID-19 complications.

2. Personally Deliver the Food

Amid the pandemic social distancing, if you choose to personally deliver your newly bought delicious authentic Neapolitan pizza, it's best to leave it at the front door. Adding a personal touch to the food and leaving other gifts with it is the most significant benefit of personally delivering the food to your loved one's house.

A home-cooked supper is something that we can all appreciate from time to time, and some people may even want a little assistance right now to prepare one. Thus, if you're looking to deliver homemade pizza to a friend, personally delivering it would be the best choice. 

When making a meal for a friend or family member, you should avoid touching it with your hands to guarantee that it is safe for consumption. While the food is cooking, move it about in the pan using utensils and gloves to prevent it from sticking. 

It is essential that you avoid touching the food with your hands when transferring the dish from the pan to a container at all times.

If the recipient's house isn't near enough to walk there, use hand sanitizer after touching the car door or steering wheel before picking up the container again to avoid spreading germs. Send a text to let them know you'll be dropping off food. 

Because the virus can persist on plastic and stainless steel surfaces for up to three days, ask your friend to wash down the containers with a disinfectant wipe before throwing them away.

3. Place a Pick-up Order for Them 

You can use this method if you're looking for an idea to deliver pizza at their place but don't have a proper delivery system that provides it to their state. 

You can search for local pizzerias that they may have around the place they live in, pay with your credit card via their website, and have them pick it from the drive-through or a curbside.

The gesture will surely be sweet and won't ever fail to make their day!

How To Order Pizza For Someone in Another State Through Pizza Bien:

1. Select Your Pizza: When you order from Pizza Bien, you get to pick from a wide array of pizza and calzones. There's a delicacy, authenticity, and pure nostalgia of authentic Neapolitan pizza in every bite of their fresh-frozen pizza. 

Even at affordable rates, you will have a gourmet experience in every bite of your pizza. Rest assured, you won't have to compromise with taste or break your bank! To see the different pizza and calzones, you can order right from home; scroll below!

For this step, all you need to do is browse the catalog and click on the "Add To Cart" button.

2. Check-Out: Once you are satisfied with your cart and want to check out, click on the "check out now." If you haven't registered at Pizza Bien before, it will take you to a pop-up of your contact information. After signing up, you'll also get to have a free calzone with your first order; how cool is that?

Fill up your information and the address you want to send it to. If you’re going to order pizza for someone in a different state, make sure to put the address right!

You can also choose to pay in several different methods. The payment partners of Pizza Bien include PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay! You can pick any that suits your convenience. 

3. The Shipping: Now that you have placed your order, you can sit back and relax for your pizza to arrive at your loved one's house. 

If you're wondering when you will receive your order, it's going to take 2-5 days from the moment of ordering. Since the pizza comes directly from Italy, it will arrive by FedEx with dry ice to ensure your pizza stays frozen. 

However, keep in mind that if you place the order after 12 pm, it will be processed in the next business day. 

Since Pizza Bien is protected by the Route app, your goods have little to no chance of being damaged, lost, or stolen en route. You can access refunds and reorders in just a few clicks if something goes wrong with your order. 

4. Refund Policies and Other Issues: If you have any type of issue with your order, feel free to contact Pizza Bien within 24 hours of receiving it. You can find all queries related to return and refund policies about your pizza by clicking here.

Different Types of Pizza You Can Order For Someone In A Different State

Different Types of Pizza You Can Order For Someone In A Different State - Pizza Bien

When ordering pizza for someone living in an entirely different state, your best bet is to order frozen, quality pizza from Pizza Bien. Let's see some of the available options for you to pick from below: 

1. Margherita Pizza: If you're an authentic Margherita fan who likes to keep things simple yet gorgeous, Pizza Bien's authentic Margherita Pizza is the perfect choice for you! 

Authentic mozzarella, san-Marzano tomato sauce, and the best thin-crust recipe are used to handcraft this artsy pizza. 

2. Four Cheese Pizza: You certainly don't have to wait any longer to exclaim "say cheese!" The Four Cheese Pizza from Pizza Bien is made to please all cheese lovers across the United States. 

Suppose you want to taste the heavenly cheesy goodness of authentic Italian pizza. In that case, you'll like hearing this - the pizza contains the best quality of natural mozzarella di bufala, fontal, gorgonzola & Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses. Who can't drool at the sight of hearing about the fantastic cheese blend?

3. Plant-Based Pepperoni Pizza: If you've recently started out trying veganism, or even if you're a committed vegan - you'll love tasting Pizza Bien's Pepperoni Pizza more than any other food in the world! 

Vegan pepperoni has recently been the talk of the town, and it tastes much better and feels a lot healthier than real pepperoni. To find out why plant-based pepperoni is better than real pepperoni, click here.

4. Porcini Truffle Pizza: Lovers of earthy pizza, rise! Your time has finally come to shine with Pizza Bien's Porcini Truffle Pizza

This gourmet-style pizza is created using all-natural porcini mushrooms, truffles, mozzarella & mascarpone cheeses that will leave your mouth watering for more. 

5. Potato Porcini Pizza: Many individuals love the taste of potato pizza. To pair with potato, porcini goes perfectly well on top of the cheesy base of the pizza. 

The pizza is made with all-natural mozzarella cheese, potatoes, wild porcini mushrooms & pesto. If you're a fan of greens and cheeses mixed in together, this might just be your new favorite pizza!

6. Package Options: If you want to try one of each, make sure to order the Sampler Package Pizza

Or, if you're more inclined to taste authentic Italian gourmet pizzas, order the Gourmet Sampler Pizza Package.

7. Chocolate Hazelnut Calzone: After all, who doesn't want to end their meal on a sweet note? 

Order Pizza Bien's Chocolate Hazelnut Calzone made with 100% real hazelnuts and chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth in an all-vegetarian way!


Therefore, we hope by now you know how to order pizza for someone in a different state easily in three different types. If you have any more queries on authentic Neapolitan pizza, ensure to check out Pizza Bien's blog. Till the next time, happy feasting and stay with Pizza Bien!

Our delicious pizzas are handmade with all-natural of high quality and fresh ingredients in Italy delivered straight to you, anywhere in the U.S. Free Shipping to most locations. Click Here to Buy Now!



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