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How Pizza Bien Delivers the Best Authentic Neapolitan Pizza at your Doorstep!

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How Pizza Bien Delivers the Best Authentic Neapolitan Pizza at your Doorstep - Pizza Bien

Authentic Neapolitan pizza is a dream for some! The perfect balance of charing, the harmony of the cheesy goodness paired with the sweet lingering taste of San Marzano tomato sauce, is indeed something out of the dream. 

The overall composition of authentic Napoli pizza makes it challenging to be delivered home to home without turning soggy in the process. While food enthusiasts yearn to try out authentic Neapolitan pizza, some of them may or may not know what to expect, honestly.

Thus, we've come to curate an article that prepares you for the most delicious pizza you've ever eaten - sitting right at your home! Without any further ado, let's begin.

How Pizza Bien Delivers The Authentic Neapolitan Pizza at Your Doorstep

It's becoming more common to find places that offer the original and delicious authentic Neapolitan pizza, with its cheese bubbling, scorched crust. 

Even though it's best eaten fresh out of the oven, pizza Napoletana isn't great for home delivery since it doesn't travel well. However, that's changing with the latest flash-freezing technique. 

With established authentic Neapolitan pizza servers like Pizza Bien, your pizza is made to perfection and shipped by freezing it in the exact right conditions. Thus, when you make the pizza at home all by yourself, you can taste freshness and authenticity in every single bite!

Cryo-frozen pizza technology preserves the scent and taste of wood-fired pizzas in the signature pizzas. The pizzas are immediately put in the freezer once they come out of the oven to maintain their freshness. 

Flash freezing may be accomplished in two ways: water is utilized 90% of the time due to its lower cost. Although liquid nitrogen is 11 times more expensive, it performs the best. Additionally, the results are superior. Hence, Pizza Bien is trusted for the best authentic Napoli pizza delivery. 

Each pie is made according to the original 1889 recipe, which employs only natural, non-GMO ingredients such as provolone and mozzarella cheeses from local dairy farms and the best tomatoes from Mount Vesuvius's slopes. 

Each pie is prepared fresh to order and shipped right to the comfort of your own home. Following the 24-hour rising period, the dough utilizes locally obtained water to get the desired consistency. 

The pizza is then roasted in a high-temperature brick oven until it develops a unique aroma due to sustainable beechwood fuel. Indeed, you'll be taking your taste buds on a ride to Naples, Italy, when you eat the best authentic Neapolitan pizza.

What To Expect When Eating Authentic Neapolitan Pizza 

Authentic Neapolitan pizza is exceptional for its made with the finest ingredients in a certain way. However, most food enthusiasts don't know what to expect when ordering from the best Naples delivery system, Pizza Bien.

Authentic Napoli pizza is quite different in how it's made. Many people complain that it may not have enough cheese or toppings, but there's proper reasoning behind this.

After America introduced its take on pizza, many different pizza places have opened. The most common fork of making a pizza look attractive is dousing it with cheese and unnecessary toppings. However, that's not the case with authentic Napoli pizza.

Thus, you need to know what to expect when you're ordering authentic Margherita pizzaLet's see a few pointers which will help you understand!

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Size

Authentic Neapolitan pizza was made to have the entire pizza for lunch by oneself. You're not meant to share the pizza. Hence, the size of an authentic Neapolitan pizza will be around 12 inches.

In most AVPN certified pizzerias and Napolitana pizza delivery systems, you won't have the option to customize the sizing. It may be an inconvenience for some but perfectly sized for others.

Since the pizza doesn't have toppings like pepperoni, sausage, and heavy cheese like ricotta, cheddar, and such, it's very light. Having the entire pizza by yourself will leave you with a full tummy.

Hence, make sure to order one pizza per person to taste authentic Neapolitan pizza. The best way to experience this is to make sure everyone orders different kinds of authentic Neapolitan pizza and share at the end.

The Pie is Served Whole

Every single authentic Neapolitan pizza is served as a whole. The reason behind this is, the pizza is intended for a single person to consume only. If you find an issue with non-sliced pizza, make sure to include your preferences during ordering. 

Authentic Neapolitan pizza is best ordered through dine-in or any Naples pizza delivery for frozen pizza. If you decide to order Neapolitan pizza at home, the crust turns soggy, and it won't be a good experience! 

When you order from Pizza Bien's authentic Neapolitan sampler package pizza  you don't have to receive poorly made, soggy crust Neapolitan pizza. Since it comes frozen, you can bake the pizza sitting at your own home and enjoy the whole pizza by yourself. 

To know more about the different ways of baking a frozen pizza, click here.

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Cooks Fast

Every authentic Neapolitan pizza, even the gourmet pizza needs to be baked exactly within one and a half minutes. The certification for authentic Neapolitan pizza requires it to be cooked in extremely high temperatures, under 90 seconds. 

Hence, if you're in a rush, this pizza can definitely be the one for you! You won't have to wait half an hour just to eat your pizza. You can enjoy it within a blink of putting your pizza from authentic Neapolitan pizza delivery like Pizza Bien in the oven!

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza is Not Dry!

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza is Not Dry - naples pizza delivery - Pizza Bien

One of the most surprising features of authentic Neapolitan pizza is soupy. Yes, you heard that right! Despite the pizza being a thin crust, it has a molten and soft center.

For the wet or occupied quality of the pizza, you can't pick it up. It's a complaint most people have when trying authentic Napoli pizza for the first time. The reason for this is found in the cheese used for the pizza.

Since authentic Neapolitan pizza requires buffalo mozzarella, which is very watery, the pizza becomes soupy. Thus, if you choose to dine-in or bake it at home, you will need to eat the pizza with a fork and knife. 

However, you may not find the issue in American pizzerias. The soupiness issue may or may not influence your choice. Also, it depends on the pizza. American Neapolitan-style pizzerias make their pizzas drier and crispier than traditional Italian pizzerias. 

What makes pizza so fascinating and potentially mind-numbing is that it is still loved by all, despite the difference in taste!


Many non-Italian chefs mistake charring for burning when making authentic Neapolitan pizza, charring is the slight burning at the pizza crust due to the extremely high temperature inside wooden ovens. The flavor is loved by some and detested by others.

With a Marinara or Margherita pizza, you should expect slight charring on the sides. Remember, charring is only a little browning around the side that should not taste bitter. If your pizza base is wholly burnt, you should definitely return it!

Charring is one of the essential features of your Napoli pizza. The burnt part brings a bit of smokiness to the table that goes perfectly with every creamy bite of your San-Marzano-infused tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese pizza. 

DOC and DOP certification 

You'll often encounter a DOC or DOP version of Margherita pizza. This doesn't happen with Sicilian or Roma pizzas. The DOC or DOP indicates that the ingredients used during the pizza making are directly imported from Naples.

DOP stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta (Protected Designation of Origin); it indicates that the tomatoes are directly from the San Marzano region for making the tomato sauce. 

Meanwhile, DOC stands for denominazione di origine controllata, which indicates the authenticity of the cheese. Fresh mozzarella cheese used for your Italian pizza needs to be from the Campania region of Italy. Only then could you call it a proper authentic Neapolitan pizza. 

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Has Minimal Topping 

To everyone's knowledge, authentic Neapolitan pizza is by far the simplest pizza. The pizza has an extremely simple topping spread. Even with the cheese on top, you will be able to see some sauce through. 

The most incredible Neapolitan pizzerias will have perfect harmony between the dough, sauce, and cheese on their pizzas. Some people like the ability to taste all three ingredients. 

However, some people don't really like their pizza so simple. If you're accustomed to over-the-top American cheesiness, it's good to be aware of this before you go.


Many pizzerias may advertise themselves as an authentic server of Neapolitan pizza. However, it's not up to the standards most of the time. With Pizza Bien, you can order from the comfort of your home without any hassle or unnecessary stress. You can take out the frozen pizza, bake, and serve whenever you want! 

Hence, we hope our article has helped you understand what to expect from an Authentic Neapolitan pizza service. Till the next time, happy feasting and stay with Pizza Bien!

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