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Pizza for Lunch: A Healthy and Convenient Option for Your Family

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Pizza for Lunch - A Healthy and Convenient Option for Your Family - Pizza Bien

Lunch ideas can be super painful to plan, the reason being health consciousness. Everyone wants to eat meals that the media deems as "healthy." However, if you're really out of lunch ideas: Why aren't you considering pizza for lunch?

While taking pizza to lunch may sound highly unhealthy to some, we're here to debunk the myths. In all trueness, pizza for lunch is a healthy and convenient option for your family. Yup - you heard that right!

Pizza, the comfort food of every person alive, has to be one of the most delicious meal options. Pizza can bring everyone closer, have a laugh, and lots more without being all too bad for your health. 

Pizza has different kinds and sorts. Hence, to make sure your pizza is eligible to be packed for lunch and considered a healthy meal, learn more about how to make a healthy pizza for you.

Thus, to know more about what makes pizza eligible for lunch and how to pack pizza for lunch box, keep pizza warm for school lunch, keep reading!

What Is The Best Pizza For School Lunch 

All across America, pizza is loved wholeheartedly. Especially when it's an easy-to-bake pizza like Pizza Bien's versatile collection of authentic Neapolitan pizza, you're bound to love it. 

Pizza Bien's authentic Neapolitan pizza is all-vegan, made fresh to order, and shipped directly to your house without any delay. Since it comes frozen, you don't have to take leftovers for lunch. Instead, you can bake it on your own in under 15 minutes, right before school starts.

Everything about pizza for lunch is convenient from the baking process, nutritional value, and the good-for-your-soul part. Especially when you get to boast about eating authentic pizza directly sent to you from Italy, the experience certainly gets to another level. 

Even if you don't have an oven, Pizza Bien's pizza can be cooked in three different ways. Thus, all in all, it can be said that Pizza Bien is the best pizza for lunch, whether it is y=for your school, office or even a picnic! 

Why You Should Eat Pizza For Office & School Lunches 

Browsing through Pinterest may give you an aesthetic sense of what your lunch box can look like. However, in reality, you'd want to pack something delicious, fresh, nutritious, and something that can give you a burst of energy for the rest of your day. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that over 98% of Americans have claimed pizza to be one of their favorite dishes? Only a sad number of 2% of people refuse to eat pizza. 

Thus, pizza is definitely the best option. Let's see a few pointers about why pizza is loved by many and what makes pizza the best choice for lunch. 

  • Versatile Ingredients: If a meal enables us to combine sweet and salty flavors, we're obligated to like it. You may find all of the leading food categories in a basic pizza. Toppers like mushrooms and olives are typical of vegetables. Tomatoes are officially considered a fruit, so you can expect them on almost every pizza you eat. Cheesy goodness pairs so well with the grainy base! Meat substitutes like pepperoni, sausage, and pepperoni play a massive role in the flavors. The last ingredient, oils, play a crucial part in the remainder of the dietary pyramid. Overall, it's a fiesta of flavors! 
  • Deliciously Appetizing: When it comes to eating, pizza is a cuisine that looks as wonderful as it tastes. An orange-cream crust drizzled with olive oil is the hallmark of a traditional pizza. The saucey marina foundation gives this tiny slice of pie or triangle a crimson tint. White, bronze-colored cheese is essential for every meal, making it dangerously delicious! 
  • Super Addictive: It's not uncommon for pizza to be associated with the symptoms of addiction. As terrifying as it may be to be forced to pick an outlet for our addictions, pizza would definitely be a decent one. Clinical psychologists believe the possibility for reward is a factor in the drug's addictiveness. Due to the artificial elements used in pizza, our reward system rewards us with a fuller stomach.
  • Mix n' Match Your Combos: Pizza is fantastic since you can customize it. Some like thin crusts, while others like thick crusts. You can also do pizza customization skills! If you're looking for healthy pizza topping combinations, click here.
  • Sit and Share: Buying pizza isn't the same as buying other self-serving meals. At the very least, you and your pals may have some fun together by purchasing a pie. Pizza truly brings a group of friends closer and the bond stronger. 

Can Pizza Be Nutritious for Your Lunch Meal?

Pizza is a dish that many people see as a comfort meal or a guilty pleasure because they associate it with negative ideas about their bodies and preconceived notions about health. The fact is that this is not the case. Thus we should avoid condemning what we find tasty.

It's a common misconception that pizza is unhealthy, but this isn't always the case. Tomatoes, for example, may contain lycopene. Lycopene may be present in various red foods like raspberries and strawberries. Taking this antioxidant lowers both cholesterol and blood pressure. Cooked tomatoes provide more lycopene to the body than raw tomatoes. One tablespoon of pizza sauce has the same amount of lycopene as a half-cup of cherry tomatoes.

Whole-wheat pizza dough is a better alternative than white flour since it has more fiber per serving. As an added advantage, you'll be able to consume fewer carbohydrates while obtaining more vitamins and minerals. Pizza restaurants stuff their plates with dairy to fulfill our need for cheese. Cheese and other dairy products provide a lot of calcium.

Can Pizza Be Nutritious for Your Lunch Meal - pizza for lunch - Pizza Bien

Furthermore, the majority of pizza eaters choose vegetables as a topping. Micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, are plentiful in vegetables and promote a wide range of biological processes, including the immune system, energy levels, blood coagulation, and many more. Including more vegetables in your diet may also help you get more micronutrients.

Every special occasion needs a change in your normal diet. Diets work best when they are personalized to your unique requirements. In the long term, restricting oneself to pizza due to its carb load will only lead to future overindulgence. Your health is determined by the total of your diet and activity choices. You will live a healthy lifestyle even if you sometimes indulge in a slice of pizza.

Pizza may also be helpful emotionally. Since it is made to be shared, Pizza is an excellent method to build your self-esteem and social skills. Nothing beats getting together with your closest friends and ordering pizza after a long day. Despite its lack of nutritional value, a piece of pizza is good for the soul.

How To Pack Pizza For Lunch Box

Packing pizza for the lunch box can be quite a chore. Your primary urge may be to stuff your pizza folded in your regular tiffin box. However, that will only result in soggy, cold, and hardened pizza.

Thus, we have prepared a list of items you can use to pack and keep pizza warm for school lunch. 

  • Use a Thermos: The best way to pack pizza for lunch and make sure it stays warm is by using a thermos. Thermos is a vacuum flask that can retain the initial temperature of the food. However, you have to ensure buying a thermos of good quality, so your pizza remains soft and pleasantly warm by the time you eat it. Ensure to stuff the power end of your thermos using paper towels to soak up extra moisture from the vapor.
  • Heat Retaining Lunchboxes: There are tons of steel lunch boxes you will be able to find out in the market. However, the main issue can be sogginess and too much vaporization inside the lunchboxes. To prevent this, double wrap your food using cellophane and give it a last foil wrap to ensure the pizza stays warm and intact!
  • Don't Forget Crockpots: Crock Pots can be an excellent way to slow cook your food and keep it warm at the same time. They're perfect for shelf cooking, and make sure you can carry them in one go! You can also decide to bake Pizza Bien's frozen pizzas in your slow cooker to get the best experience. They're also super easy to clean using crockpot liners! 
  • Bento Boxes: As you may have seen in popular foodtoks (TikTox about aesthetically pleasing food) nowadays, Bento boxes are a huge deal! These Japanese tiffin carriers very well know how to get the job done of keeping your pizza from getting any less warm. Tip: Put boiling water in the bento box and drain it out before pouting your pizza inside. This will lock the heat in!


Therefore, we hope by now you know how pizza for lunch is a healthy and convenient option for your family by every means. However, we must instruct you to know whether your pizza is healthy or not. 

If you want to get the best quality pizza in town shipped directly from Italy, order authentic Margherita Pizza! Hence, till the next time, happy feasting and stay with Pizza Bien!

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