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Type of Pizza Made with Tomato Sauce Oregano

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Type of Pizza Made with Tomato Sauce Oregano - Pizza Bien

Most Americans think of pizza as a cheese-drenched, pepperoni- and sausage-on-a-slice dish. However, many different toppings can be put on pizza, and one of the most popular is a tomato sauce pie. This type of pizza is often made with oregano on top.

Although there are many types of pizza, the best type is tomato sauce or oregano pizza. This type of pizza is made with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The ingredients are combined and then baked.

However, there’s a lot more to know when it comes to baking an authentic Neapolitan pizza which we’ll be discussing in detail. So without any further do, let’s begin! 

Type Of Pizza Made With Tomato Sauce Oregano 

Jarred Tomato Sauce: One method is to use a jarred tomato sauce. This sauce can be used immediately, or it can be refrigerated. Neapolitan pizza joints seldom use jarred tomatoes or canned tomatoes for their sauce. 

Fresh Tomato Sauce: You can also substitute fresh tomatoes for the sauce. Chopped garlic and oregano should be spread over the sauce. Then, pour Extra Virgin Olive Oil on top of all of the ingredients. This recipe is a great way to keep the sauce for a few days.

How To Pick The Best Quality Tomato Sauce

Choosing the best quality is a great way to get the most out of your tomato sauce. When choosing a tomato sauce, you should look for ripe tomatoes. These are not squishy and contain a high amount of flavor. 

If you want the best-quality tomato sauce, try using San Marzano tomatoes. These are sweeter and richer; you don't need to add sugar separately. If you want a milder pizza without the sweetness of a tomato sauce, try using basil instead of oregano.

What Is A Tomato Sauce Alternative For Pizza?

Another alternative to tomato-based sauce is pesto. You can use store-bought or homemade pesto, but make sure to divide the sauce into small portions so that it is easily spreadable. 

Pesto is great because it doesn't use fresh tomatoes and can be substituted for tomato sauce. 

Instead of tomatoes, you can also spread cream cheese over your pizza dough. Moreover, you can even add ricotta cheese.

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza: Sauce, Oregano, and Olive Oil 

If you’re looking for the type of pizza made with tomato sauce, oregano garlic, and olive oil, this portion is simply for you. 

A classic Neapolitan pizza without cheese is called a pizza Marinara. This tomato sauce-based dish has no cheese and is made entirely of tomatoes, garlic, and oregano. 

Garnishing it with oregano and garlic is optional, but the tomatoes are essential to the flavor. This recipe is one of the simplest pizzas available and is easy to make at home.

Another variation of this classic Italian pizza uses garlic and oil. This sauce is often seasoned with finely minced oregano and garlic cloves. 

Other types of pizza are topped with grated cheese, lard, basil, tomatoes, or prosciutto. Some variations are calzone-shaped, which is a combination of a calzone and a pizza. You can try both variations and see what you prefer!

Benefits of The Type of Pizza Made with Tomato Sauce, Oregano Garlic, and Olive Oil 

When creating a pizza sauce, the main ingredients should be fresh and organic whenever possible. While dried herbs have a place in the process, fresh herbs add an extra dimension of flavor. 

Freshly chopped garlic adds a punch of flavor to a pizza. Garlic powder can be used to add a subtle nuance to the sauce. Crushed black pepper, red chili flakes, oregano, and sea salt add additional flavor and color.

The type of sauce is important when creating a pizza. A thin marinara sauce is best for a lighter dish, while a thick style of sauce is best for heavier dishes. 

Depending on your personal preference and the requirements of your recipe, you can choose between a thin and thick sauce. You can choose any of the two, depending on your personal taste and the type of pizza you're trying to make.

Tomato Means Lycopene

Various health benefits have been linked to eating this type of pizza. Compared to cherry tomatoes, tomato sauces are easier to digest and provide more bio accessibility to lycopene. 

Lycopene content is higher in tomato sauce than in cherry tomatoes, a benefit that may be related to the heat treatment of the tomato. The tomato sauce may also help the lycopene bind to iron ions and release more lycopene.

Lycopene reduces the risk of hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, and cancer. Lycopene can also lower blood pressure and improve metabolism. In addition, tomatoes contain polyphenols that enhance antioxidant activity.

Oregano Is The Holy Grail of Antioxidants 

While tomatoes are closely linked with health benefits, oregano doesn’t fall back. It’s one of the most powerful antioxidants that helps your skin glow. It can also severely improve your gut health when ingested in the right amount. 

Studies have shown that people who opt to eat authentic Neapolitan pizza for their meals, which have no other topping except for sauce, oregano, and mozzarella - are prone to having good health.  

While marinara is a popular choice for toppings, marinara is often served as a dipping sauce. It can be used for various dishes and has a tart flavor. The tomato paste base gives it more flavor than marinara. 

However, it is less salty than pizza sauce and does not retain the taste of the sauce once it has been refrigerated. You can also use Cilantro as an oregano substitute; click here to learn more.  

Pizza Marinara Vs Pizza Margherita

Pizza Marinara Vs Pizza Margherita - type of pizza made with tomato sauce oregano - Pizza Bien

The difference between a Margherita and Marinara pizza is largely about preference. Both have their merits and their advantages. 

If you're looking for a delicious pizza, be sure to try both. Many places serve both. If you're in the mood for a classic Italian meal, a Margherita pizza is the one for you. They both have a delicious crust, and they're both great options.


Comparing the sauces used for pizzas Margherita and marinara will show that the former has more flavor than the latter. The former contains more tomato puree and chunks, while the latter has a tomato paste base. 

You can also use banana peppers on your organic pizza to make it more flavorsome! 

Regardless of their differences, both sauces essentially use the same ingredients - tomato and olive oil. The key difference between them lies in the amount of tomato paste and herbs used.

Marinara Sauce Recipe Tips

To make a good Margherita sauce, you need a fresh peeled tomato. However, canned peeled tomatoes are also available. The sauce should have about 70 percent tomato juice and 30 percent tomato bits. 

The sauce does not have to be perfect; it just needs the right amount of salt, black pepper, and olive oil. You may also want to add some fresh basil. The sauce for pizza Margherita should not be cooked before it goes into the oven, as it will cook as the pizza cooks.

Once the tomato paste is cooked, it is added to the tomato puree and cooked together for 30 minutes or so. In addition to the tomato sauce, you can add fresh basil and other ingredients. Generally, both pizzas are served hot or cold.


The cheese in Marinara pizza does not abide by the strict rules of a true pizza. Fresh mozzarella is reserved for fancier Italian restaurants, but packaged grated mozzarella still tastes great. 

Despite its name, cheese pizzas have a lot of cheese and little sauce. They can also come in various varieties of cheese, such as melted cheddar, mozzarella, or even a combination of all three.

The basic ingredient in both pizzas is tomato sauce, which is typically made with fresh tomatoes, garlic, and seasonings like salt and pepper. 


While the sauces on both are very similar, they differ in their flavor. For example, the spaghetti sauce has a higher water content, which makes it thinner than the pizza sauce. This makes the pasta noodles absorb the sauce better and gives them more flavor in every bite.

The pasta sauce typically contains basic seasonings, but you can also ask your chef to add spices, depending on your preferences. On the other hand, a pizza marinara features a smooth, tomato-based sauce. It can also include Italian sausage or ground beef.


Queen Margherita of Savoy in 1889 named the original Margherita pizza. It was created in Naples after the queen tired of France's gourmet cooking. She summoned a famous pizza-maker in Naples and had him bake three pizzas for her. 

Margherita loved it, and she later went on to name it after herself. Today, pizza marinara is considered one of the best-tasting in the world. So we do! So, without waiting any longer - order yourself authentic Italian pizza now! 

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